5 Amazing Adult Coloring Books You Should Buy Right Now

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Adult coloring books are the newest book craze and for good reason: coloring is pretty awesome. Not to mention the fact that psychologists recently found coloring to be the best alternative to mediation!

I loved doing it as a child and I’m into it as an adult too. There are tons of different adult coloring books out there, but these 5 are my favorite.

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Yellow Bird Indie Rock Coloring Book.

Think you have what it takes to color all the birds in Devendra Banhart’s beard? Head over to the Yellow Bird website to pick up this one of a kind indie rock coloring book.The 32 page coloring book is $10. $25 for the 30 removable poster coloring book.

The Art of Nature Coloring Book.

I love nature, which made this coloring book a must-have. There are suggestions for how to color each image, but you can make it your own with whatever colors you like. Each book contains 60 illustrations for only $11.45.

Thrill Murray.

Everyone loves Bill Murray, and now you can color in this comedic legend’s life. The book contains 20 images of Bill Murray pulled straight from movies he’s been in. You can turn Bill Murray’s life whatever color you feel like for $12.89 on Amazon.


ColoringNotebook is perfect for someone getting into coloring again. It’s taking preorders at the moment. Each page in this hardback is devoted to mandalas, animals, and abstract patterns. It’s the ultimate grown up coloring book and runs $19.95.

Outside the Lines.

This 256-page masterpiece contains illustrations from masters of cartooning, graphics, music, artistry, and animation. This is an excellent book to have around for friendly gatherings or even office spaces. It’s the ultimate art therapy for just $12.40.

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