8 Brilliant Pieces of Advice From People Over 70

I've often seen young people lampooned for being "know it alls" but really, I think that know it allness carries on well through your life into older age. The truth is, we never truly know everything, and it's only when you reach your 70's that you understand that life is a learning process, and that learning only ends on your final day.

Here's some great advice from our septuagenarian friends.

Pay bills on time and stay out of debt.

In America, it's so easy to go into massive debt. It gets harder and harder to pay off that debt over time. So keep your nose clean, your bills paid, and live within your means.

Enjoy each moment.

We only have one go-round on this planet, unless reincarnation turns out to be real somehow, so appreciate each little moment you have. Enjoy your youth. Hell, enjoy middle age. Enjoy each moment.

Your body takes revenge.

Eat well, stay fit, and don't be a jerk to your body. Enjoy the bad things in moderation because the worse you are to your body, the harder time will take its revenge.

No one is ever 100% right.

You may admire certain people in your life, but their advice isn't gospel. Take it all with a grain of salt.

They may be a pain, but your kids won't be kids for long.

So enjoy the kiddy stuff with them while you can. Enjoy the softball games, the holidays, the vacations - all of it. Enjoy your time with them.

Don't take life too seriously.

No one gets out alive after all.

Sometimes a job is a job.

There's a myth that we won't be happy until we find something we truly want to do. Bunk! Sometimes you just have a job. Your job should enable you to live and have fun, not necessarily be your fun. If you can find a fun job, great! Don't count on it though.

Your stuff is just stuff.

Don't covet what your neighbor has and appreciate what you have already. Your stuff is just stuff. It's not forever, just like everything else.

Source: Reddit

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