After 64 Years Of Marriage, Widow Discovered Documents Proving She Never Knew Her Husband At All

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Imagine being married to someone for 64 years…at that point, you imagine that you know each other inside and out. That’s what Audrey thought as she mourned the loss of her life partner.

It wasn’t until the day she found handwritten documents in a drawer after his passing that she discovered that he had been living a double life the entire time and she had no idea who he actually was…

Love At First Sight

When Audrey Phillips met Glyndwr at a bar, it was love at first sight. The couple fell in love fast and got married just a couple of months after meeting. Audrey was attracted to Glyndwr’s mysterious air, having no idea just how much he was hiding.

Audrey ad husband walking as a young couple smiling
Photo Credit: SWNS
Photo Credit: SWNS

Soon after, Audrey began to feel sharp pain in her abdomen. A trip to the doctor’s office revealed that the happy couple was expecting a baby. Just like any other happy family, the couple was on the right track to starting their lives. Except, this was no ordinary family…