After Losing Her Mom To Cancer And Getting Only 1 RSVP For Her Birthday, This 8 Y.O Was Losing All Hope

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Life is like a roller coaster that you can never get off of. Each and every day is full of surprises. Sometimes, these surprises can be really good ones, but some make you want to close your eyes and wish for the ride to come to a stop.

Childhood is supposed to be a time of play and imagination of never-ending fun. Unfortunately for one child, the first seven years of her life were spent facing realities no child should have to see. It felt like the magic in life would never return. When her mom died and no one even was showing up to her birthday party, she was about to lose all hope…

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Charlotte Joy’s Eighth Birthday

When Charlotte Joy’s eighth birthday was days away, it should’ve been a time of gratitude and celebration for her and her family. Instead, the closer the day came, the more of a nightmare and a stressor it became for her older sister, Chloe Sexton.

A little girl holding a large yellow snake and smiling.
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok

After surviving the toughest year of their lives, Chloe was determined to give her little sister not only the best birthday party, but the first birthday party she was ever able to have. While this sounds like a sweet and loving gesture, fate was not on her side …

The Heartbreak Of Losing A Parent

When life gets tough, a mother’s love is the best medicine. Unfortunately for Charlotte, her birthday this year would be a reminder of the loss in her life. Eighty-three days before the week of her birthday, Charlotte’s mother had lost her battle with brain cancer.

A photograph of a woman sitting next to a teddy bear.
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok

For all of Charlotte’s childhood, she watched her mom fight this horrible disease. Surviving five surgeries in under 11 years, her mom was a true hero and inspiration. Charlotte’s 28-year-old sister Chloe was her guardian angel, taking her sister under her wing while having her own child to raise.

Trouble At School

After losing her mother, Charlotte was forced to make significant life changes. Moving schools can be a challenge for a child, but when Charlotte’s sister became her parent, they had little choice but to relocate.

Books, crayons and an apple sitting on a desk.
Element5 Digital / Unsplash
Element5 Digital / Unsplash

The playground and classroom can be a lonely place for a child in grade school who’s experiencing a hard time-making friends. Luckily for Charlotte, she had her sister. When Charlotte felt that the world kept caving in, her family was always right there behind her to pick up the pieces.

Only One RSVP

Chloe Sexton sent invitations for her sister’s eighth birthday party to every child in Charlotte’s class. When she only received one RSVP, her heart was shattered. Her hopes and dreams of cheering her sister up seemed far from becoming true.

A hand holding a white envelope up against a blue wall.
Erica Steeves / Unsplash
Erica Steeves / Unsplash

In tears, Chloe posted a video on social media: “If a kid in your child’s class gives out birthday invitations, just come. It’s like an hour of your life.” She didn’t have the heart to break the news to her sister, so she pleaded for a helping hand.

A Sisters Love

It’s our toughest battles that reveal how strong we truly are. Even in her darkest hours, Chloe Sexton would not let the pain or struggle of life bring her little sister down. She spent a week in her garage alone making DIY crafts, doing everything in her power to give Charlotte a special day.

An older sister holding her younger sister and kissing her on the cheek.
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok

Rain or shine, one RSVP or one thousand, Chloe would make a balloon arch, a massive sign of her sister’s name, and have activities prepared to see a smile on this little girl’s face.

A Cry For Help

The weight and heaviness of life and loss were taking a toll on Charlotte’s sister, and the Joy children were beginning to lose hope: “Grief is wave after wave of firsts,” cried Chloe, “The month of May is … my baby’s birthday and Brain Cancer Awareness Month. So, I thought the worst of the firsts had come. But my little sister’s birthday, I hadn’t anticipated how much that would hurt.”

A girl smiling at a camera, with text saying,
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok

Thankfully, the universe always sends us a storm before there’s a rainbow. Life gets worse before it gets a little bit better …

New Friends In Store

Chloe’s video went viral on TikTok, and dozens of women began reaching out to offer their help in setting up the party. Eventually, the parents in the comments realized they had children of the same age who lived in the nearby area, and Chloe was in no place to decline any offer.

A group of kids sitting around a table singing happy birthday and looking at a cake.
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok

“I didn’t tell her anything about the kids not coming. I only focused on who was coming … So I told her, you’re going to meet a lot of new kids today. And it’s going to be amazing and you’re going to have the best birthday of your life, I promise you.”

A Very Happy Day

What started as one RSVP turned into a line of cars that wrapped around Charlotte’s block. With a horse, a pool, a water slide, and plenty of new friends, this was sure to be the best eighth birthday party that the Joy daughters could’ve imagined.

A girl smiling looking towards a brown horse.
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok

Some moments feel like gifts from the universe, and this day sure was. Charlotte felt that “None of the day was sad. It was all very, very happy. I do wish that mommy had been here, but it was so, so happy.” Strangers even went as far as bringing the sisters bird-feeding equipment in honor of their mother who loved the garden, bringing tears to everyone’s eyes.

Life-Changing Moments

There are moments in everyone’s life that make the world’s negativity worth it. For Chloe, taking away her sister’s pain for even just a day made the hope and magic in life come rushing back.

Two little girls sitting around birthday presents, one screaming in happiness.
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok

“I think it changed my life. I think it saved something in me … this was the first time that I ever really saw people all over the world see an opportunity to show me that they cared about me and … to make it happen so that I didn’t feel alone.”

Be The Reason Someone Smiles

There are good people all around us: if you can’t find one, then be one! Life isn’t always easy, and the story of Charlotte and her sister Chloe demonstrates how much a stranger’s help can save you.

A little girl walking into a house, smiling.
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok
@chloebluffcakes / TikTok

Paying for the person behind you’s coffee or complimenting someone passing by on their outfit … these little acts of kindness can make someone’s day or change someone’s life. Be the reason someone smiles every day! You never know who needs it.

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