5 Things Your Soul Realizes After You Die

Life was not a punishment.

Life isn't always easy. Everyone sometime or another finds themselves reaching the lowest lows. But even so, life is not a punishment. The lot you got in life wasn't not preordained as punishment for previous lives. That's not how it works.

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Life was good.

Life is the ultimate privilege. The chances of being born in the first place were stacked incredibly against you. Even the worst situations have a silver lining.

Life wasn't always easy to understand.

It's hard to understand why we were given the opportunity to be alive. When you think about it, it seems like a strange thing for a random conglomeration of atoms to have done. It may not always be easy to understand, but it's still good.

Things turned out how they should have.

There were probably about a million ways your life could have turned out, but all life ends the same way. Things probably turned out about as they should have.

There really are no limitations.

I believe that the number one priority for all people is to make sure other people are able to live good lives in which they can prosper and pursue happiness. We often deny one another these basic human rights based on gut instincts or worries over finances. Nations choose war. Nations choose to have homeless. Nations choose to let sick people die. These are all choices. There really are few limitations to what we can accomplish.

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