After You Read This, You'll Never Look At Bananas The Same Way Again

I eat a banana every morning in a smoothie. I enjoy the way they taste and I know they have some potassium, which is great for you. But I had no idea that each morning, I was eating a superfruit that's hard to match! What are some of the body's many uses for bananas?

1. Combating depression.

According to a study conducted by MIND among people who suffer depression, many felt better after eating a banana. This is due to the tryptophan content in bananas. Tryptophan is a type of protein that converts to seratonin, helping you relax and improving your mood.

2. Reducing PMS symptoms.

Eating a banana, which is rich in vitamin B6, helps reduce glucose levels that can improve your mood.

3. Normalizing blood pressure.

Bananas are high in potassium and low in salt, making them useful in battling high blood pressure. The FDA recently allowed the banana industry to make claims about the fruit's ability to reduce the risk of stroke.

4. Improved brain power.

200 students at Twickenham school in the UK were given bananas before taking exams. They were shown to be more alert and on average did better on their exams.

Bananas are worth so much more than what we think they are. What's your favorite dish to add bananas to? Let us know in the comments below!



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