What is Your Age, Based on the Colors You See

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Did you know that the way we perceive color changes as we grow older? It’s true. The yellow that I see is probably different than the yellow an older man sees, and different again from the yellow that a toddler sees.

Additionally, the approaches taken when viewing pictures are usually entirely different, depending on age. Younger individuals tend to focus on small details of a much larger picture before viewing the picture as a whole; whereas older folks might view the entire picture before scaling down to a smaller, specific region.

Either way, this intriguing color quiz has done pretty well in determining age thus far. If nothing else, you’ll have fun testing out your brain and eyes, seeing how they perceive different colors.

There’s no real trick to doing it correctly. Relax and enjoy taking this color-perception age quiz! Be sure to let us know if the age you got was correct!

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