“Aliens” Might Be Considered An Offensive Term To Extra-Terrestrials, According To Pop Star

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The pop star is known as Demi Lovato, a 29-year-old musician, actor, and now UFO advocate. The star has made headlines before and is not afraid to stand their ground for what they believe in. Lovato inspired many when they identified as nongender binary in 2021 and changed their pronouns from she/her to they/them.

Since then, Demi has been on a quest to unravel the truth about ufos, and making mind-blowing realizations. This is all part of their own spiritual journey towards open-mindedness and acceptance.

Lovato Believes ETs Mean No Harm

Demi Lovato Press pose in purple blazer

Emma McIntyre / Getty

Emma McIntyre / Getty

Demi Lovato is currently promoting a new documentary named Identified, during which they go on a journey to investigate the truth about UFO sightings.

They believe that making contact can be a peaceful experience if we let it be one. In an interview with PEDESTRIAN.tv, they explained: “I really think that if there was anything out there that would want to do that to us, it would have happened by now.” If we want to keep our relationship in good standing, we might need to consider how we refer to them.