Only 1 In 4 People Can See All The Colors In This Image. Can You?

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Did you know that about 75% of people can’t actually see all the colors? I’m among them! My dad figured out that I’m colorblind when I was a young man. It’s pretty common apparently.

How you see colors comes down to how many cones you have in your eyes. Your cones are basically what receive colors. This simple test can tell you how well you see colors. Simply count the colors you see in the spectrum above.

How many colors did you count?

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If you saw fewer than 20, you’re a dichromat. It means you have two types of cones in your eyes. 25% of people are dichromats. Dogs are dichromats too.

If you saw 20-32 colors, you’re a trichromat, meaning you have three types of cones in your eyes. Trichromats are able to see purples, blues, greens and reds well. 50% of the population is a trichromat.

If you saw 32-39 colors, you’re a tetrachromat. You have four types of cones in your eyes. You may find yellow to be a rather irritating color and don’t ever wear it. 25% of the population is a tetrachromat.

If you saw more than 39 colors, count again. There are only 39 different colors in the test. You’re probably a tetrachromat though.

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