All Zodiacs Beware Of This Week’s Shared Healing Energy, Here Are Your Horoscope Predictions

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March ends on a largely peaceful and compassionate note under the guidance of a spiritual Pisces Moon. There’s some emotional stability here too, especially on Monday when Venus and Saturn team up to ground and calm emotional turbulence. The first half of the week is good for taking a step back from angst and anger and finding friendly, cooperative solutions to whatever ails us.

On Friday, a hugely positive New Moon shines from go-getting Aries. This is action-oriented energy, driving us forwards and inspiring new goals. Chiron, the wounded healer, has a strong influence on this New Moon too, so there is a spiritual edge to the energy, allowing each of us to create something better in our world, mindful of our shared trauma.

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This week looks like a hugely positive time for friendships and interpersonal relationships of all kinds, Aries. On Monday, Venus and Saturn lend stability and staying power to an important new friendship, so look out for someone who is about to become a permanent figure in your life.

Midweek, the spiritual energies increase, giving you opportunities for meditation, prayer, visualization and spiritual growth. Definitely take time out for quiet contemplation, if you can.

Friday’s New Moon is a stand-out moment for you this year. Expect a surge of sudden insight into our collective consciousness, as well as a clearer vision of your own life path and ambitions. It’s all ‘go’ from this point onwards.