5 Signals Deceased Loved Ones Send To Assist You

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“You Are Always With Us”

woman at a grave putting flowers down
Arina Krasinoka / Pexels
Arina Krasinoka / Pexels

It’s never easy saying goodbye to someone we love, but we all go through it many times over. Life is an amazing thing but at the same time, it is incredibly tragic.

Still, while the bodies of the ones we hold dear may be long gone, their spirits are still present in our lives. Sometimes they play pranks on us.

Sometimes they watch over us. Other times, they can use their foresight to help us in our lives. Here are the five signs your deceased loved ones are trying to assist you:

1. Animals Acting Strangely

Animals are often more sensitive to the things happening in our world than we are, and this goes for observing the presence of spirits too.

I once lived in a house with the spirit of a young girl occupying it, and she bugged my dog like you’d expect a rambunctious 4-year-old to.

Watch for your cats and dogs looking at things moving about that aren’t there.