Am I Psychic? Here Are The Telltale Signs Of The Medium Gift

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If you have to ask yourself whether you’re psychic, chances already are that you are one. This is because the psychic pull is alerting you of your abilities. Having the psychic medium gift is not as obvious as we see in the movies. It often comes in the forms of messages, coincidences, signs, and feelings that require a lot of intuitive interpretation.

While some coincidences are just that, others are synchronized signs designed to bring you a vision. Here’s how to tell the difference.

You Manifest Exactly As You Visualize (Precognition)

woman with blurred shadows

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

You recognize the difference between what you want and what you need. You write down what you need exactly as you visualize it. Then it manifests exactly as you wrote it. You are able to predict what your life will look like because you are completely in tune what with you need to ask for.

You are able to visualize what others’ lives will look like before they happen. You often get caught up in trancelike daydream phases where you have visions of what will happen next. When you wake up, you feel motivated to take action.

You Experience Memories You’ve Never Lived (Retrocognition)

woman hides her faces with bouquet as a ghost

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

Sometimes objects and places will evoke memories within you as you pass them by, even if you’ve never encountered them before. You have an awareness of past events that you’ve never been a part of.

You just “know” where something or someone is without needing to look for it. Certain smells, sounds, and sceneries especially affect your senses with unexplainable attachments.

You See Colors Or Hear Sounds Around People (Telepathy)

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Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

Psychics perceive the world differently. When they meet people, they experience them through synesthesia. This causes their senses to get mixed up.

They may be able to sense someone’s aura by seeing a certain color around them or they might be able to read their mood by hearing certain musical notes surrounding them. They can read minds as they see, hear and feel the thoughts and emotions of those around them.

You’re Guide By Your Intuition, Which Is Never Wrong (Clairvoyance)

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Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

While we all have that “gut” feeling that guides our intuition, the psychic pull causes some to see it clearer than others. Their intuition is clear and non-negotiable. They make decisions based on how it makes them feel, even if they’re not able to explain it rationally.

Physics simply have a clear sense of knowing as they receive messages directly from the spirit realm into their minds through people, numbers, scenes, colors and feelings.

A Glass Of Wine Expands Your Minds

woman with eyes everywhere

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

When you reach a state of relaxation, such as after a glass of wine, while meditating or in the shower, you’re able to see more clearly. You suddenly can find a solution for a problem that’s been weighing on you or you suddenly gain insight through an epiphany that almost feels overwhelming.

This is because these practices are changing your brain wave activity and causing the frontal lobe to quiet down. It is expanding your mind and opening you up to your psychic abilities.

You Feel Physically Sick Before Something Bad Happens

woman holds her gown as she walks in the water of the sea

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

You often feel sick to your stomach without knowing why. You can’t shake this feeling that something bad is going to happen. Your moods are guided by the weather and the position of the sun. On gloomy days, you feel the darkness and on sunny days you feel re-energized.

You are in perfect alignment with the earth’s frequencies and it’s communicating through your body. Usually, when you think something bad is going to happen, it does on some sort of scale to you or someone around you.

Your Dreams Alert You Of Your Physical Life

woman holds disco ball in a field

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

Your dreams don’t simply reflect your stress, but they provide you with answers to it. If you’re worried about a certain phone call from a doctor, the news is revealed to you in your dreams, before the doctor has a chance to call you.

You are constantly re-assured or put on alert through messages in your dreams. Your dreams tend to be vivid and memorable upon awakening.

Your Timing Is Synchronized

Blurry woman stands by the beach

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

Pawel Szvmanski / Unsplash

You knew the phone would ring right as it was about to, you came home right as the mailman needed to deliver you a package, you showed up to the bus stop right when the bus came. On a small scale, these timed events may simply appear convenient. However, when given proper attention, the scale grows to reveal the synchronicity of much more important events.

You may be able to prevent catastrophic situations just by changing one move throughout the day or being at the right place at the right time. You may even be able to warn others.

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