5 Things You Need To Know Before You Date An Extroverted Introvert

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After a long day, they might not really want to socialize.

If you’ve had a long, busy day together, chances are they aren’t going to want to party all night with you. A cup of tea and a nice book is how they’re likely to finish off their days.

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They’re the life of the party but…

Ambiverts are a little bit extrovert and a little bit introvert. They’re the life of the party, but when the party is over, they need their introvert time. It’s important to them to have that recharge time.

They’re not normal “first date” people.

Ambiverts want meaningful conversation, meaningful interactions, and to live meaningful lives. Dinner and a movie will not impress them. Something unusual and creative is sure to impress them.

Cut the crap, they see through BS.

All of your first date airs that you decide to put on won’t phase an ambivert. Humblebragging won’t get you too far with an ambivert. They won’t have any of it.

They need time to warm up.

Don’t be too surprised if you get to the third, fourth, and fifth dates and they still haven’t invited you in for coffee. They tend to take time to warm up to people. They can be casual with nearly anyone, but only let a select few get close.

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