An Explosive Planet Conjunction Will Lead To A Dramatic And Stubborn Week for All Zodiacs

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Weekly Horoscopes August 1st – 7th, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

At times, this week will feel like hard work. It is book-ended by two very difficult aspects involving warrior planet Mars. The first, on Monday, is a dramatic and potentially explosive conjunction with Uranus; the second, on Sunday, is an ill-tempered, sulky square to stubborn Saturn.

Expect emotions to run high throughout most of the week, especially in arguments between those who like the status quo and those who seek change. On Thursday, Mercury moves into analytical Virgo, so towards the end of the week, there is at least some reason underpinning heightened emotions.

Look to Sunday’s other major aspect, a trine between Venus and Neptune, for some sweet, romantic relief.

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Unpleasant surprises with money are highly likely early this week, especially when Mars and Uranus join forces in a sudden, sharp shock on Monday. Try not to overreact. Your ruler Mars could lead you to impulsive, dramatic decisions which you will later regret, so it’s essential to let the dust settle first as far as possible.

Uranus blue planet in the galaxy
Buradaki / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
Buradaki / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Mercury’s change of zodiac sign on Thursday finds you getting better organized, which will help with any budgeting issues.

Over the weekend, family and loved ones provide comfort and security, but prepare for some more upheaval with Mars, putting your finances in the spotlight. In particular, avoid either lending to or borrowing from a friend.