An Explosive Planet Conjunction Will Lead To A Dramatic And Stubborn Week for All Zodiacs

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Weekly Horoscopes August 1st – 7th, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

At times, this week will feel like hard work. It is book-ended by two very difficult aspects involving warrior planet Mars. The first, on Monday, is a dramatic and potentially explosive conjunction with Uranus; the second, on Sunday, is an ill-tempered, sulky square to stubborn Saturn.

Expect emotions to run high throughout most of the week, especially in arguments between those who like the status quo and those who seek change. On Thursday, Mercury moves into analytical Virgo, so towards the end of the week, there is at least some reason underpinning heightened emotions.

Look to Sunday’s other major aspect, a trine between Venus and Neptune, for some sweet, romantic relief.

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Unpleasant surprises with money are highly likely early this week, especially when Mars and Uranus join forces in a sudden, sharp shock on Monday. Try not to overreact. Your ruler Mars could lead you to impulsive, dramatic decisions which you will later regret, so it’s essential to let the dust settle first as far as possible.

Uranus blue planet in the galaxy
Buradaki / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
Buradaki / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Mercury’s change of zodiac sign on Thursday finds you getting better organized, which will help with any budgeting issues.

Over the weekend, family and loved ones provide comfort and security, but prepare for some more upheaval with Mars, putting your finances in the spotlight. In particular, avoid either lending to or borrowing from a friend.


This week certainly starts with a bang! On Monday, Mars and Uranus crash and burn together in Taurus, creating shockwaves of anger or chaos. Expect the unexpected in your personal life but remember that this influence will pass – whatever happens, you will be able to overcome it.

Distract yourself with something fun, especially later in the week. When Mercury changes signs, find a creative outlet for your worries. Any kind of art, acting, singing, or crafting will help you find peace of mind.

Sunday would be a lovely day for a long-overdue get-together with good friends, which will lift your spirits immensely. However, when Mars and Saturn clash, your identity itself may be in question.


During the Mars-Uranus conjunction, paranormal events may figure strongly in your week, especially on Monday. Something you see or experience may well scare or unsettle you, but try to remember that nothing in the unseen world can harm you. You are safe and protected.

By the middle of the week, your thoughts are likely to turn to the past, and there is a nostalgic vibe around you when your ruler Mercury changes zodiac signs on Thursday. Revisiting childhood haunts could prove inspirational.

Keep a careful eye on your finances over the weekend. Venus and Neptune encourage you to spend far more than is wise, purely in a misguided bid to impress others. Meanwhile, Mars is in action again on Sunday, placing a temporary block on your travel plans.

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Friendships are under strain as the week begins, particularly with Monday’s Mars and Uranus clash. If you’ve recently made new friends, be prepared for your ‘older’ friends to feel jealous or left out.

Fortunately, Mercury comes to your rescue on Thursday, arriving in the communication zone of your natal birth chart and making it much easier for you to empathize with someone else’s viewpoint. You may be able to mend some friendships from here.

Be careful on Sunday, however. Mars provokes further jealousy or envy in your social life, and it might be hard to move on from that. On the plus side, Venus and Neptune give their blessing to a memorable day trip, away from the angst.


Don’t be surprised if events at work early in the week take your breath away – and not necessarily in a good way! On Monday, Mars and Uranus go head-to-head in the career sector of your chart, bringing either dramatic opportunities – or a major crisis you’ll need to navigate.

Look to Mercury’s change of signs on Thursday for some brilliant ideas to help boost your bank balance. Whether you’re cleverly saving money or increasing your income through an ingenious side hustle, this is excellent news.

On Sunday, your work-life balance may create difficulties in love as Mars goes on the warpath once more. Fortunately, a sweet and loving Venus-Neptune link gives you the tools to open your heart to your lover, with your sincerity saving the day.


It might seem like a very unfair or unjust start to your week. Mars and Uranus pull you into a war you just can’t win, and you may feel as though your ethics are being dragged through the mud no matter what you do. Hang on in there and wait for the fury to die down.

Your ruler Mercury comes home to Virgo on Thursday, which will help you feel both more competent and more in control, taming emotions and calming your mind.

On Sunday, when Mars squares Saturn, you may feel stressed out by the sheer amount of work on your task list. However, a lovely Venus-Neptune influence brings romance and good friendships, so try to relax and recharge your batteries.

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Jealousy, toxic rivalries, and lingering resentments alight when Mars and Uranus clash on Monday – this could be an extremely emotionally volatile couple of days. Take good care of yourself and reach out to loved ones for support.

You’ll benefit from spending some time alone on Thursday when Mercury changes signs. Solitude will bring you peace, so don’t be afraid to enjoy your own company for a while.

The temperature heats up again over the weekend when Mars and Saturn create a tense standoff. Be careful to avoid impulsive decisions, risk-taking, or gambling. Anything done out of anger or on the spur of the moment could come back to haunt you.


Your love life is in focus, particularly when Mars and Uranus create an angry explosion in your opposite sign. Try to stay calm and own your part in whatever has provoked this tension. You are not blameless, but nor is your partner.

You’ll get a more rational feel for what’s going on when Mercury changes zodiac signs on Thursday, making it easier to see long-term priorities and overarching objectives, including in your love life. This would be an excellent time to plan ahead and heal.

Tensions between your partner and your blood family threaten to erupt on Sunday when Mars, your historic ruling planet, once again stirs up ill-feeling. Lighten the atmosphere by creating a fun distraction – a day out for the family would be ideal.


Chaos reigns in the early part of this week. With Mars and Uranus creating drama and surprises on Monday, the ripple effect means that everything else, at work and home, gets destabilized or delayed.

Look to Mercury’s change of signs on Thursday for a chance to get back in control, especially at work. You’ll have to work hard, but if you can get on top of the details at this point, you can turn the situation around.

Mars and Saturn warn you not to rely too heavily on a routine on Sunday, however. It’s important to be open to some element of change. On a more positive note, Sunday can also be a very healing day, courtesy of a spiritual link between Venus and Neptune.

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You’re being asked to take a walk on the wild side this Monday as Mars and Uranus create an intoxicating mashup of shocks and adrenaline. You are normally very emotionally stable, but the desire to shake things up will likely feel quite overwhelming for a few days.

When Mercury changes signs on Thursday, plan an adventurous or exciting vacation for the near-mid future. Giving yourself something to look forward to is very important right now.

Hopefully, you will have reigned in your wild streak by Sunday because Mars and Saturn create an atmosphere where further gambling (money, emotions, anything!) will likely backfire. Focus on romance instead, inspired by the sweet Venus-Neptune aspect.


On the home front, it’s likely to be a taxing start to the week. Mars and Uranus provoke anger, drama, or shocks within the family or concerning home and real estate matters. Keep your cool and allow people to vent their emotions as best you can.

Mercury’s change of sign on Thursday is empowering, as it helps you find your inner strength. Even if you have recently felt relatively powerless, you should now realize that you’ve got this situation under control after all.

Family expectations of you may prove difficult on Sunday, especially if your parents or siblings disapprove of your relationship, job, or lifestyle. However, Venus and Neptune remind you that it’s your life, so your own values are the only ones that matter.


Someone – perhaps a sibling – is not who you think they are. This much becomes evident on Monday when Mars and Uranus reveal shocking news. Please remember that you are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness or actions; stay calm, and know that things will work out OK.

When Mercury moves into your love zone on Thursday, you’ll gain great comfort from someone you love. You feel that you can be emotionally raw and open from this point on, which is healing in the long run.

Mars and Saturn may stir up more secrets on Sunday, so be careful with social media if you want to keep your privacy intact. Your ruler Neptune inspires creativity over the weekend, so let your emotions out that way instead.

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