These 4 Images Prove Ancient Builders Had Access To Highly Advanced Technology

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Puma Punku is a temple located near Tiwanaku, Bolivia. If you plan to visit ruins anywhere in South America, make Puma Punku your #1 spot. It’s a place of great mystery where one loses their sense of space and time.

One of the greatest mysteries about the ruins is how ancient builders managed to transport such large blocks, and how the engineers of the day managed to fit them together using some seriously precise cuts.

The featured image above is one of the most fascinating features of the ruins. These are andesite blocks, an incredibly solid and difficult material to work with. And yet, holes like this one are carved with such incredible precision. How is it possible?

The perfection and elegance is baffling to say the very least about it. How could they possible have done this? It remains a mystery. It’s certainly possible they had technology that we don’t usually attribute to ancient people.

The H blocks you see above are another mystery. It’s a trademark of Puma Punka. The precision of the carving of these blocks is baffling.
And there are two more examples of precise holes being carved in difficult stones:

It’s a mystery by definition. We can’t say for sure how it is they managed to accomplish these things. It could be they had some technology that we don’t realize they had. It could be there was some type of intervention.

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