13 Ancient Natural Cures Modern People Have Forgotten

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1. Aloe.

The thick sap inside of aloe can be used to treat insect bites, burns, and minor wounds. They’re easy to grow in the home.

2. Alfalfa.

Digestive tract relief and can help blood clotting. May also enhance the immune system.

3. Aspen.

The bark of aspen can be used to treat fever and pain.

4. Beeswax.

Can be used as a salve for bites and, incidentally, bee stings. External use only.

5. Blackberry.

Blackberry root, bark and leaves can be infused into a tea to treat diarrhea. May also treat sore throats. Use caution when harvesting. They’re very thorny.

6. Spearmint.

Used for generations to treat cough and cold. May also stimulate blood circulation.

7. Valerian.

Relieves muscle soreness and improves sleep when consumed as a tea.

8. Rosemary.

Easy to grow and can be used as a tea to treat muscle pain and possibly boost your metabolism.

9. Rosehip.

Rose hip is an excellent source of vitamin C when eaten. Can be used to treat cough and cold. May treat inflammation.

10. Ginseng.

Ginseng root used as a tea can treat fatigue and boost energy. Also enhances the immune system and might boost liver function.

11. Honeysuckle.

The berries, stems, flowers, and leaves can treat bee stings and minor skin infections. As a tea can treat colds.

12. Feverwort.

As the name might imply, feverwort can be used to treat fever and general pain.

13. Echinacea.

Echinacea, or purple coneflower, is an easy flower to grow and can boost the immune system, fight off infection, and break fevers when consumed as a tea.

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