This Ancient Tibetan Test Will Reveal Your True Nature

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Get ready to delve into the world of your subconscious. This Tibetan quiz will reveal the truest version of yourself and your being.

When you are answering each of the questions below, remember to base your answers entirely on intuition, rather than looking for some logical response. Flow through each question with ease, picking the first answer that comes to you.

Grab a pen and paper, and we can get started!

The Quiz!

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Question 1 – Using your imagination, picture five animals in front of you

You see a tiger, cow, sheep, pig and horse. Now, line them up in front of you in whatever order you most prefer. Try not to take too long; simply write down whatever order you think is best for them.

Question 2 – Finish each of the sentences below using one adjective for each noun

  • A dog is ________.
  • A cat is ________.
  • A rat is ________.
  • Coffee is _______.
  • The sea is _______.

Question 3 – Imagine five people who are important in your life

Then, pick a color for each person from the colors below. Use your intuition and instinct.

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Green

So, what does all of this mean for you?