These Amazing People Prove It’s Possible To Hear An Animal’s Thoughts

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You’ve probably never heard of such a thing as an animal communicator, but it is a real form of telepathy allowing a human to “communicate” with an animal and receive messages back from them.

One of the most famous animal communicators is Anna Breytenbach. A video of Anna’s work with a black leopard named Diablo, the Spanish word for “devil,” recently went viral.

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Diablo was not a happy kitty. He was so irate that his handlers were afraid of even approaching him. That’s where Anna stepped in.

Anna found that the leopard was upset by being named Diablo and he was worried about what happened to two young cubs that he had met before arriving at the South African wild cat sanctuary.

When Anna told Jurg Olsen, the owner of the park, what Diablo told her, he broke down and cried. He confirmed that there were indeed two young cubs at the prior zoo, and both of them were safe. They also changed his name to Spirit.

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