Animals Don't Have Feelings? This Baby Elephant Cried For 5 Hours After Being Rejected By His Mother

When he was born, Zhuangzhuang was nearly trampled to death by his mother after she rejected him. Afterward, the baby elephant cried for 5 hours, further showing that animals can feel complex emotions.

Zookeepers were forced to intervene and narrowly rescued Zhuangzhuang from death on August 30th. Vets thought at first that it was an accident, but after treating his injuries and giving him back to his mother, she attempted to trample him again. Zookeepers had no choice but to remove the little boy.

After his second separation from his mother, the distressed baby allegedly began to cry for five hours while staff at the Shendiaoshan Wild Animal Natural Reserve Area, in Rongcheng, Shandong province, sought to comfort him.

Flies in the face of the idea that animals can't feel, doesn't it? Fortunately, these days Zhuangzhuang is looking like a happy young fella.

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