Artist credit: Vin Paneccasio

These Illustrations Reveal What It Would Be Like If Animals Traded Places With Humans

It's a sad fact but some of the most damning atrocities that humanity has conducted, have been against our animal friends. They don't have voices or methods of retaliating against us when we step on their lives.

Below we have some classic satirical representations of our less than ethical interactions with animals.

In A Parallel Universe

Photo Credit: Nacho Diaz

This depiction of a rabbit wearing a human foot reminds of the absurdity and barbarism of decapitating animals and wearing their body parts as amulets or charms.

In A Parallel Universe

Photo Credit: Andy Singer

It isn't right to make living beings suffer unwillingly for the benefit of others. If you want the tests done so badly, sign up for the tests yourself!

In A Parallel Universe

Photo Credit: Vin Paneccasio

Rhino's are among the list of endangered animals that are hunted down for only parts of their anatomy. The rhino's horn is used to make highly profitable carvings or ground up and used as aphrodisiacs. The animals are killed outright for this single part and the animal is left to die. Imagine if an alien race came to take your right foot and just left you to die. Carry it further and imagine if this was happening so often that we, as a race were dying...

In A Parallel Universe

Photo Credit: Adrian Viera

I'm astounded when people leave animals out in the elements, with no regard to their health. You wouldn't leave your child out there to get sick and be miserable. A great example of how apathetic humans can be. It is Difficult to tell how many pets die per year from abuse but they number in the thousands.

In A Parallel Universe

Photo Credit: Damnkidyk

Switching the roles of farmed animals with ourselves, effectively destroys the illusion that modern practices are ethical. Even if you can't see anything wrong with this do you really want to eat pain and suffering?

In A Parallel Universe

Photo Credit: Dan Piraro

Everything we know about animals is through observation and best possible guessing. We aren't sure what precisely what they are saying. I'm certain though that if I could fly and some animal cut my feathers and put me in a cage, I would be beyond miserable. And then there's fact that the sun will go out randomly...

In A Parallel Universe

Photo Credit: Eric Decetis

Hunting for sport is a messed up past time all around. Hunters will often use mating signals and smells to trick animals into coming closer seeking a mate. When we do this to each other, those people are considered to be sadistic psychopaths. In the wild they are called 'hunters', and demand respect for their 'wit'.

In A Parallel Universe

Photo Credit: Kiddhe

Overfishing is a very serious problem. As we destroy our fragile ecosystem, one has to wonder if it is worth it... What kills me is that we catch and process so much and there is still hunger in every nation...

In A Parallel Universe

Photo Credit: Christopher Golebiowski

Slaughterhouses have to be among the saddest and apathetic places on Earth. There is no respect for the lives and sacrifices of the animals.

In A Parallel Universe

Photo Credit: Jerry Lofaro

It is like a classroom from the Planet Of The Apes!


Photo Credit: Maciek Ravs

If I had to live in a little cage, by myself or with the same people, being goggled at for the rest of my days, I would probably waste away. When I would hear on the news that some rare animals were dying or refusing to mate in captivity, I never doubted it for a moment.

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