3 Ways To Heal From Relationship Trauma

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Breakups are inevitable. Chances are if you’ve ever entered into a relationship, you know the pain of watching them end.

It can really hurt for a long time, but there are ways to face it head on and heal faster.

1. Don’t run from the pain

Simply put, don’t run from the pain! Really let yourself feel it. Don’t force it away with drugs, Netflix or rebounds. Don’t try to distract yourself from the pain.

You must feel it in order to feel better.

And that’s the whole goal post-relationship. Running from it prolongs that suffering, and that’s never a good thing. It can be scary but you gotta really let it wash over you.

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2. Learn something from that pain

Yeah, it’s super easy to go into victim mode after a relationship, but all the hurtful things that he said or all the things he pointed out may have some basis in reality, even if they were said out of anger.

Take some of the reasons that the relationship failed and put it to work. Learn from what the pain of a relationship is attempting to show you.

3. Let go of expectations

After you’ve exited a relationship, it’s easy to have expectations. “He’ll come back to me when he realizes…” or “I’ll find a new girlfriend in a month.” Ditch those thoughts.

The last thing you should be doing is creating expectations, realistic or unrealistic. Instead, consider going with the flow. Don’t try to force changes in your life.

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