5 Ways To Treat Depression Without Using Antidepressants

Be mindful.

When I was depressed, it was easy to fall into a pit of despair. One way I broke out of it was to simply be mindful. I considered what happened in a day. I meditated. I knew exactly where I was in life. And that was important to stop the tailspin.

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Go out.

I don't necessarily mean go out to a huge rager of a party and try to make a bunch of friends. But go out. Go for a walk. Spend some time in the park. Grab some coffee. Say hi to someone. Walk by a friend's house. You don't have to knock on the door. But go out.

Remove toxic people.

One root of my depression was having terrible, toxic people in my life. It's hard to recognize when you need to cut people out, but for me, it was absolutely necessary.

Eat well.

Having a balanced diet and getting plenty of foods that are nutrient dense is important to our overall mental health. Avoid alcohol, processed foods, and foods high in salt.


Doing good feels good. This has gotten me out of depression numerous times in the past.

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