When You’re Having An Anxiety Attack Remember These 5 Things

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Anxiety attacks are some of the worst experiences that anyone could ever have.

The overwhelming amount of stress can make a person breakdown almost instantly, no matter where they are, or who they are with.

Most of the time, we wish we could just curl up into a little ball and have someone whisk us away back home safely tucked away into our beds from all the evil thoughts trying to break us down.

Unfortunately, that’s never the case when it comes to anxiety, so therefore we must think up of some clever ways in order for us to regain our composure once more.

Here are five reminders that you can tell yourself the next time you are having an anxiety attack.

1. Think Of Why You Might Be Feeling This Way

Whenever you are having an anxiety attack, think about the reasons as to why you may be feeling this way to begin with.

If the reason is too hard to bare to think about then try to think about the things that make you the happiest. Even though whatever is upsetting you at this moment in time, it doesn’t mean that this is going to last forever.

You must remind yourself that you are more than capable of dealing with this problem and if the problem isn’t that big, then you really shouldn’t sweat being overwhelmed!

2. Remind Yourself That You Are Capable

Of course, an anxiety attack can cripple any strength, courage, or bravery for that matter, but you must be able to remind yourself that you are more than capable of accomplishing great things.

No matter how tough things get you have to remind yourself that there are people who believe in you and more importantly you should believe in yourself.

You never have to face things alone especially with friends at your side. However, just as long as you overcome your worries and fears you can stand up to anything that gets in your way.

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3. Think About The Present Moment

This means thinking about the things that can potentially hurt you right now. Is there anything around that’s pointing a gun to your head to do this certain thing at this moment in time?

Hopefully you answered ‘no’ to that question, but the point is is that if there are really no consequences to you not committing to this thing right now, then you really don’t have to worry about making a decision at this present moment in time.

Just as long as you are safe, with people you trust, and in a place where you feel comfortable, there is nothing for you to worry about.

4. Remind Yourself To Breathe Deeply

Taking deep breaths can make all the difference.

It allows your heart rate to slow down, it allows you to focus better, and more importantly it calms you down faster than anything else.

People often forget to breathe whenever they are having an anxiety attack and taking deep breaths is probably one of the best solutions to overwhelming yourself.

There is no rush, take your time, slow your breathing down, and let yourself relax.

5. You Are Loved

The biggest and most important reminder to give yourself whenever you are experiencing an anxiety attack is telling yourself that you are loved.

Because you are definitely more than loved. You are loved by your family, your friends, your neighbors, your pets, literally anyone who knows you already loves you.

There should be no fear in your head about the people you’ve come to know and love yourself. However, the biggest thing out of this as well is that you must love yourself.

Loving yourself is one of the major things to do whenever you are having an anxiety attack.

Hopefully this has helped you figure out better ways to relieve yourself after having an anxiety attack or maybe someone you know who is prone to having anxiety attacks.

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