These Photos Are A Perfect Example Of What It Is Like To Live With Anxiety

Anxiety is a serious disorder that is affecting more and more people. It attacks silently, making it hard for most to relate if they haven’t experienced it. Anxiety is often disregarded as ‘not that serious’, or affecting only the ‘weak’.

Neither of these are true. Anxiety can happen to anyone, for just about any reason. John William Keedy, is a photographer out of San Antonio that realizes this fact and uses his art to help people cope with and relate to people with anxiety issues.

His expressions were combined into the project It’s Hardly Noticeable. We’ve taken our favorite examples but please visit his site for the full experience, he has accumulated a large portfolio and other projects.

It’s Hardly Noticeable John Keedy

Anxiety can leave you feeling boxed in. You know that you can step outside of the box but when you think about leaving, your imagination takes off. Any number of things could happen that you aren’t prepared to deal with.

The box isn’t really even a safe haven, you hate the fact that you are stuck. The fact that it is all in your head doesn’t make it hurt any less.

It’s Hardly Noticeable John Keedy

Anxiousness makes everything seem unmanageable. Everything is constantly piling up and getting worse. Feelings of incompetence dominate your every action and thought.

It’s Hardly Noticeable John Keedy

Anxiety’s trap is particularly vicious because of its partial transparency. You know all the discomfort and twisted perceptions head. You can almost see how you can make things different and ‘snap out of it’.