Anyone Who Has Met This Sign Know Why They Are The Most Charming Of The Zodiacs

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Some people work like a magnet. Their energy is so attractive that people just naturally gravitate towards them without being able to pinpoint exactly what draws them in. Maybe it’s their warm smile, witty humor, main character energy, or radiating confidence.

Whatever their magic touch, it somehow balances out as desirable without coming off as too intimating. They charm anyone they meet with ease and it just might have something to do with astrology.

This is the most charming sign of all the zodiacs, according to astrologers.

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What Is Charisma?

If you look up charisma by definition, you’ll find it defined as ” compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.” It’s often used to describe extraordinary leadership that is “values-based, symbolic, and emotion-laden.”

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Artur Voznenko / Unsplash
Artur Voznenko / Unsplash

Charismatic people aren’t necessarily beautiful, smart, and funny by all standards at all times. But, they have mastered the power of connection. They are easily aligned with positive, radiant, warm, assertive energy that gives them the ability to say the right things to the right people at the right time. Rare are the ones who dislike them.

Anyone can learn these traits but some people are just naturally that way thanks to their birth chart and ruling planets.

Ruled By Venus And Mercury

Charisma requires two particular traits: charm and conversation. According to astrologer Clarisse Monaan, Venus is the go-to planet for charm. Signs that are ruled by Venus already have a leg up in social situations and intimate encounters.

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Daria Sheveleva / Unsplash
Daria Sheveleva / Unsplash

As for ease with conversations, signs ruled by chatty Mercury, and the bright and radiant Sun have a way with their charm according to Stina Garbis, professional astrologer and psychic. Jupiter and the Sun are known for being generous and optimistic, while Mercury is curious, open-minded, and go-with-the-flow. The signs ruled by those planets reflect their traits in their personality without having to try.

In Fifth Place: Pisces

Pisces are quite in tune with their feelings which helps them develop their emotional intelligence from a young age. They are able to easily read others and mirror back the kind of environment that makes other people feel most comfortable.

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Maksim Istomin / Unsplash
Maksim Istomin / Unsplash

They are arguably the most easy-going and charming zodiac signs with their caring and loyal tendencies. They are quite sensitive to the needs of others thanks to their overwhelming empathy which helps them understand others, connect with them, build trust and become their go-to person.

In Fourth Place: Taurus

Taurus has a lot of the qualities that make someone charismatic but their charm is in their focus and practicality as opposed to their friendliness. Taurus know how to earn trust and respect because they come off as knowledgeable, and intellectual.


Taurus are ruled by Venus so their assertiveness is grounded by their down-to-earth personality that helps them communicate their strong opinions and still be fun to be around. They are the kind of people you go to for blunt advice.

In Third Place: Gemini

Geminis are easy-going, the life of the party, and big characters. Their energy radiates and is infectious. People can’t help but want them around and feed off of their energy. However, Geminis aren’t just good at socializing without any awkwardness, they are great communicators which makes them go-to listeners. They don’t just hear others but make them feel like they’re genuinely listening. They somehow always know the right thing to say.

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Jakob Owens / Unsplash
Jakob Owens / Unsplash

Geminis’ superpower is conversation. They hold eye contact with confidence and are genuinely nice which makes whoever they’re talking to feel heard, special, and important.

In Second Place: Libra

It’s a close battle for first place as Libras often get the award for being the most charming zodiac sign. Not only are they ruled by Venus, but they also own the seventh house of personal relationships. That means that they’re not only charming but they’re the kind of person everyone wants to have or be friends with. They can get in trouble for flirting when they’re just being friendly but somehow that’s also part of their charm.

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Alana Sousa / Pexels
Alana Sousa / Pexels

They naturally get attention in every room they walk in thanks to their radiating energy. It’s in the way they talk, and dress, before they’ve even opened their mouth. But, once they start speaking, their charm blossoms.

In First Place….Leo

The winner on this list for the most charming zodiac sign is Leo! Leo’s confidence and charisma is unmatched. After all their ego is boosted directly by the radiant sun, their ruling planet. Its energy manifests itself through Leo’s passion and strong personality. They are naturally born leaders and people can’t help but want to follow their lead.

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Dmitriy Ganin / Pexels
Dmitriy Ganin / Pexels

Leos can master the art of talking themselves out or into anything. They have a way with words that is amplified by the way they carry themselves with their heads held high. They talk the talk and walk the walk!

Where Do You Fall?

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Manik Roy / Unsplash
Manik Roy / Unsplash

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