5 Signs Someone Is Manipulating You

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It can be hard to tell if and when you’re being manipulated. People can be skillful at the craft of covering up their true intentions. Here’s what you should be looking out for.

1. Knowing They’ve Manipulated Others

Want to know the easiest way to peg a manipulator? Know that they’ve tried being the puppet master for others in the past.

Someone with a history of manipulation is likely to do it again, and maybe even to you.

2. They’re The Fast Moving Fast Talking Types

They do things as fast as they can, particularly building relationships with people. It enables them to be able to use people more efficiently and move on when you’re no longer of use.

3. They Get Impatient Fast

Manipulators get irritated if you’re not moving at their pace or helping them get to their personal goals.

They often have a need for change and excitement too. You’ll find them moving away from you if you’re not able to provide them with what they need. and fast.

4. They Make You Into The Bad Guy

Somehow no matter what you do or say, you’re the bad guy. You’re not good enough. You’re the one who’s doing the using. Sound familiar?

They want to seem like the victim to be able to manipulate others into doing their bidding, so they paint you and everyone else as the bad guy whenever possible.

5. They Play To Your Feelings

Manipulators do what they can to get to know you and know you well. This is their most potent tool in manipulation.

When they can appeal to you emotionally and even spiritually, they can start doing things that benefit them and keep them in control.

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