5 Behaviors To Avoid To Achieve Self-Respect

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Self-respect entails a variety of simple things that we are all capable of possessing. However, sometimes we lose focus of what it means to have self-respect for ourselves by altering our personalities to fit the mold that society has claimed to be “perfect.”

Well, let me be the first to say that there is no such thing as perfect in this world, not even humans are able to be absolutely perfect.

We can still have self-respect and some of the best ways that we can achieve true self-respect is by avoiding these kinds of behaviors that do the opposite for us in the long run.

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Staying true to yourself and what you believe is right from wrong is key.

1. Going To A Job You Despise Daily

A man with his head in his hands while at work, someone else placing a hand on his shoulder.
Pexels / Khwanchai Phanthong
Pexels / Khwanchai Phanthong

Your happiness is of the utmost importance above everything else that happens in your life.

If you feel as if the job that you go to every single day provides you no satisfaction whatsoever, then what is the point of being there in the first place?

Sure, a paycheck is nice, you need it to pay bills, your entertainment, etc. but at the cost of your true happiness? Does your passion involve you being miserable at your place of work 24/7?

You must decide which is more important and then fight for it.