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10 Things Authentic People Do Differently

Have you ever met someone you would consider a fully authentic person?

It seems rare in this day and age to find a truly authentic person who can unabashedly live and be comfortable in their own skin, but although it may be a challenge, it is absolutely possible to become such a person.

Authentic people are secure in themselves and do not doubt their instincts.

They aren't strongly influenced by societal and peer pressures and they don't worry about changing themselves in order to please others.

Initially, deciding to live in a way that allows you to be an authentic person may be daunting and seem uncomfortable.

Big changes may have to be made, some habits will be hard to let go of, and you might find that you simply can't relate to certain people in the same way anymore.

Parts of your old life may just not fit who you are any longer, but that's okay.

All of these sacrifices will be easy in the long run once you experience the liberation and happiness you can feel living as your most authentic self.

It's all a process, and here we will give you 10 things that authentic people do differently to help you decide what's best for you along your own journey.

What do authentic people really do differently?

1. Say what they feel.

They firmly and plainly state their opinions and openly speak their minds. They speak with authority and certainty, but never in anger.

2. Have passion.

They decide what to do with their lives based on their own passions and interests. They choose careers that are personally fulfilling, not just lucrative or pleasing to parents and partners.

3. Accept change.

They don't shy away from the unknown. They take that initial fear reflex and they use it to their benefit, see it as an exhilarating challenge rather than a scary obstacle to be wary of.

4. Self wellness is a priority.

They practice self love and self forgiveness. They don't ask for approval or permission to be exactly who they are, and it makes them better partners when they're ready to share all that with someone else.

5. Adaptability is key.

They do whatever works best for them, whether that means going against the grain or using the tried and true method. They don't rebel simply for the sake of rebelling, but they don't conform for the same reason either.

6. Take feedback.

They don't get negative or emotional about criticisms or even judgments.

It isn't that they don't care what anyone has to say, they just know how to take it all with a grain of salt and to trust in their own self image and confidence.

They know the difference between constructive criticism and personal insults that have no bearing.

7. Enjoy whats beneath the surface.

They want partners and friends who are people of substance.

Deep and honest conversations are what authentic people look for in companions, frivolous gossip and superficial small talk need not apply.

8. Stick to what they want.

They follow the beat of their own drum. If you want to walk along beside them on their journey, you can, but don't expect to change their direction.

They've chosen their path, and they're going to stick to it.

9. Want everyone to be happy.

They aren't just looking out for number one.

Authentic people want to thrive and be happy in their own lives, and they know that helping the ones they care about achieve the same goal will benefit everybody.

If they want success for themselves, you can be sure they want it for you too.

10. Don't judge books by their covers.

They see others for what's inside, not just the physical or surface traits. They aren't drawn to others because of a pretty face, a nice figure or even pleasant light conversation.

They are attracted to a beautiful character, a strong soul… A complex human being with depth, darkness and light.

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