Are Coincidences Really Just By Chance? These Strange Stories Say Different

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By definition a coincidence is remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection. On the other hand fate is the development of events beyond a person’s control, often seen as guided by a supernatural power. But what if coincidences were actually a product of fate and not chance? The universe can be funny that way. It has a way of speaking directly to you and putting you on the right path, at the right time. Do you trust in its timing?

Even if you don’t believe, these stories are about to make you reconsider. Their impeccable timing and strange outcomes can make anyone believe in fate.

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Do You Believe In Fate?

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Victoria Borodinova / Pexels

Victoria Borodinova / Pexels

People tend to chose one of two sides of the spectrum. Some believe that humans have complete free will and that every good or bad thing that happens to them is a direct result of their own decisions and a domino effect that they can control. In this case, coincidences are really just coincidences. Or, they believe in fate and that while free will still exists, what is meant to be will find its way and that as long as you are guided by growth and good intentions, you will eventually make it to your fated destiny.

Fate doesn’t take away our free will or leave our life without purpose? It is simply meant to be a guide, to bring you to the places, people, and opportunities that can lead you to your potential and highest self, if you let it.

It’s In The Little Things

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Lisa Fotios / Pexels

Lisa Fotios / Pexels

​”My old work ran a secret Santa with a $10 limit. I was in town and walking past some shops when I see an old copy of Oliver Twist in the window of the 2nd handbook store. It just called to me, so I went in and picked it up. I checked the first page for the cost and guess what? $10 – perfect.

So come the day of the secret Santa, we were all opening our gifts, some 150 people. Out of the corner of my eye, I see some people crowding around a woman who is crying. I keep listening and people are calling out for the person who was her Santa. I go over and reveal that it was me.

The lady I had bought for was crying and hugged me. She said 10 years ago her house burned down along with all her possessions. The book that I bought her, was her favorite and also the exact same edition so had the exact same cover she remembered. Because it was a second-hand book it was even weathered in the same places she remembered, so it was as if I’d grabbed the book off her shelf before the fire and delivered it to her 10 years later.” – Ripley2179 / Reddit

Right Place, Right Time

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Kanchanachitkhamma / Canva Pro

Kanchanachitkhamma / Canva Pro

​Perhaps two people destined to be in each other’s lives will always be brought together somehow: “I’m adopted. When I was about 18, I moved to the big city to start uni, looked at heaps of apartments, and finally found somewhere nice. The real estate agent shows me around the apartment and I decide to take it. Cut to a few weeks later and the phone at my new apartment rings. It’s my realtor calling to tell me that she’s my birth mother.

She swears to this day that she recognized my familiar family facial features on the day she showed me the apartment (and it’s true, I do look a lot like my cousins and her daughters), and the day I signed the lease she got all my details, birth date, etc. It took her a few weeks to contact me because she wanted to confirm with the Government Adoption agency and to let her family know what was happening.” – Salinger/ Reddit

The Universe Has Your Back

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Chris Karidis / Unsplash

Chris Karidis / Unsplash

Even in the darkest times, the universe somehow seems to send you a message that better things are around the corner: “Around six or seven years ago, a large portion of my neighborhood burned down in the fires that swept through southern California. While helping my friend’s family pick through the rubble of their home for anything that could be salvaged, I saw a speck of white paper in the midst of one of the more blackened areas. I picked it up and read it–the only text on this bit of paper, leftover after the rest of the page had burned away, was ‘from the ashes, new life is born'”. saawariya / Reddit

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A Fated Loved Story

Perhaps we’re naturally drawn to the people we are meant to be with, like something inside of us gravitates us towards them: “I worked at a library for a very long time, and in an effort to not lose my soul, I collected stuff I found in books. My favorite discovery was a hilarious postcard between two friends. I immediately thought, ‘I’d like to meet these people.’ I kept it next to my computer for a few years.

After a few years passed, I was going through my papers and found a postcard from my girlfriend that I didn’t recognize. It takes me a few minutes to understand that I’m reading the postcard I’d put aside years earlier, between someone who was now my girlfriend and another person I’d come to know as a friend. It was probably the weirdest event in a series of events that defied probability regarding a ton of surreal linked events in our lives.” – unknown

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

vintage handwritten recipe book and antique silverwear

LiliGraphie / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

LiliGraphie / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

The following story a reminder that what is trash or useless in our eyes is a treasure in another’s, and on a bigger scale, that what we take for granted rather than be grateful for is a distanced wish for someone less fortunate. In that same sense, what goes around, also really does somehow find its way back around:

“My grandmother died, so my family cleaned out the house and did the usual thing when people die. A few years later, my mom, being a crafty lady, went to a craft store and purchased a pack of papers with different designs on them (maps, newspaper clippings, etc). One of the papers was a collage of recipe cards. She recognized the writing and the recipes. It was my dead grandmother’s recipe cards that had been scanned and turned into artsy paper. These were thrown out in garbage bags in Toronto. The paper company was from California. Crazy! “- Margerine_Man / Reddit

Which Path Are You Taking

young man standing at crossroads

Pixelshot / Canva Pro

Pixelshot / Canva Pro

After reading some of these stories, it’s evident that whether it’s a coincidence or a product of fate, we all have a direct impact on one another’s lives. This matters for two main reasons. First, consider the butterfly effect, every action that you take today will have an unavoidable direct reaction on the world. If even a butterfly flapping its wings can lead to a tsunami across the world, then your choices can have a big impact.

Second, keep the law of attraction on your mind always. The same energy you put out into the world is the one you will get back. If you give love and kindness and live your life to the fullest you will naturally vibrate high and align yourself with a life that feeds you back that positivity.

So which path are you taking?

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