Are We Living In A Simulated Reality? Some Of The Smartest People In The World Think So

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What if none of this was real? Would it change anything? We could be living in a simulated reality with no control over it and nothing we can do about it. A group of technologists and physicists believe that in the simulation theory and think that they will prove it just like they once proved that the Earth. If they do, it would change everything.

It would completely alter the meaning of our lives. If the simularion heory is real then we’re all living in some version of a big Sims Game with no way to turn it off.

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Nothing Could Be Real About Reality

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It’s scary to think that our lives are meaningless stimulations with no personal purpose. “The Simulation Theory” is the belief that our reality exists in a computer simulation. This means that it has to be controlled by someone or something else and at any point, they can interfere and take over our free will. The Simulation Theory can be traced back to philosophers like Descartes and isn’t a new idea.

Centuries ago Descartes believed that there was some kind of higher intelligent civilization, like a futuristic human race that ran simulations of their ancestors thanks to their advanced technology. The more that we advance with technology, the more this theory seems possible.