Are You An Autotelic? Find Who They Are And Why You Might Be One

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Some people want only money in life. Others think fame, prestige, and respect should be their goal. These are common motivators in our society. But what does it mean if none of these things motivate you? You may be what’s called an Autotelic.

Autotelics view the world differently than many do. They aren’t driven by external forces, like wealth and power, but rather internal forces.

Autotelics tend to be open to new challenges and ideas. They like to push themselves to be their very best and don’t fear change as something bad.

Autotelics tend to concentrate well. They concentrate so intensely on some things that they often push out all other thoughts, like fear and worry.

Autotelics tend to be passionate, pursuing activities and challenges until they are complete. Persistence is their middle name. They have no trouble keeping at something until it’s done.

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And for Autotelics, joy is the name of the game. They live a life that feels perfect and complete. But enough from me, let’s hear from some Autotelics about their successes in life.

My ability to do “superhuman” things with my body was ultimately about my ability to open up a channel inside myself that could plug into a universal Source of energy we all have access to.

In many ways the only “skill” that separated me from other elite athletes and enabled me to break a Guinness World Record was my ability to tap that energy source. I learned how to use this infinite energy as my prime moving force. – Christopher Bergland

It was just one of those programs that clicked. I mean, everything went right, everything felt good . . . It’s just such a rush, like you feel it could go on and on and on, like you don’t want it to stop because it’s going so well.