Are You A Witch? The Signs Of Natural Magic Abilities

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When we think of a witch, we sometimes make the mistake of picturing a villainized movie version of an old, scary lady with grey hair, green skin and a pointy hat that serves no purpose. People who once claimed to be witches were burned. Basically, witches just have a really bad rep. But, being a witch today is all about natural abilities and doing good.

Today’s witch is just someone who has a natural ability to connect with the world beyond. This can come about in subtle ways like a green thumb with nature or an overpowering sense of empathy. Find out if you have a connection to natural magic abilities.

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A Strong Sense Of Intuition

woman holding string lights in heart shape

Bart Larue / Unspalsh

Bart Larue / Unspalsh

When you make decisions you’re guided by a “feeling” rather than a rational thought pattern and it always ends up being for the best. Sometimes your gut feeling is so strong in steering you into a direction that you’re unsure of, and you don’t find out why till after the fact. Your intuition has never led you astray.

It has helped you, as well as those around you take risks and avoid harmful situations. The magic around you speaks to your gut directly and keeps you aligned on your path, for your sake and that of others.

A Connection To Nature

woman walks through a forest path

Ladyfern Photos / Unsplash

Ladyfern Photos / Unsplash

You are attracted to everything nature-related. You feel most alive and at your happiest when you’re at a beach or walking through a forest. Being in nature connects you to your truest and highest self. You also just have a natural green thumb and an ability to create life and growth even if it’s just in plant forms. You’re actually also very motherly and nurturing to all livings beings including people, animals, and plants.

You can’t help but pick up on the animal and bird sounds around you, which sometimes even disrupts your sleep. You feel grateful for the natural world around you and feel a sense of duty to protect it.

A Fascination To The Moon

hand holding full moon like shaped ball of light

Daniel Gaffey / Unsplash

Daniel Gaffey / Unsplash

Your emotional flow seems to shift with the moon. You feel drawn to its light and power despite not always understanding what it means. You notice that you have more energy and emotion when the moon is full and feel a little out of sorts when you can barely see the peeking crescent moon hidden behind the cloud.

You’re just as much of a night owl as a morning person. You appreciate the quietness and the stillness of the night. This is often when you do most of your deep thinking.

You Notice Repeated Patterns

numbers on grid

Nick Hillier / Usplash

Nick Hillier / Usplash

This is one of the strongest signs. Seeing the same number pattern like 11:11, or the sequence 111 or 222 (or any other numbers), once or twice may be a coincidence. But when the pattern follows you, especially when holding angel numbers, it’s a sign of your abilities and purpose to receive guidance directly from beyond.

The numbers you see hold a message that is meant to better your understanding and guide you towards your path.

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You Believe In Something “More”

woman closing her eyes in prayer in the forest

Vil Son / Unsplash

Vil Son / Unsplash

​You don’t exactly when life begins or when it ends, you don’t know what happens after death and you’re not certain of our purpose here. Yet, you still can’t help but feel like we are meant for something much bigger than the way we are living now. You feel completely unsatisfied with the robotic and monotone 9-5, five days a week job. You feel like you are being numbed when there is something bigger than you out there.

You’re in tune with the bigger picture and are living beyond the three-dimensional world.

What You Manifest Actually Happens

woman blows away on a flower

Havilah Galaxy / Unsplash

Havilah Galaxy / Unsplash

​At first, when you read about the law of attraction and the power of manifesting, you felt drawn to it. For a lot of witches, you didn’t even know what you were doing when you spent time visualizing and fantasizing about your dreams. You envisioned the details only to later find them happening exactly as you had hoped. Your manifesting power is greater when it’s intentional, but you’ve experienced your desires coming true even just by thinking about them.

You believe in yourself and attract good towards you, as long as you are protecting your energy. The closer to your essence that you are, the more manifesting power you hold.

You Can Sense Energy

hand holding lightbulb

Ricardo Annandale / Unsplash

Ricardo Annandale / Unsplash

You have always been naturally empathic but your power goes even beyond that. Not only can you easily connect with others and feel for them, but at times you are so in tune with their energy that it feels like you’re one with their emotions and can feel it yourself. You can tell when someone’s energy is off without them telling you, and you can sense it so strongly that it sometimes starts disrupting your own energy. You can often sense someone’s intention before they’ve done any wrong, and without being able to explain why. The same sometimes happens when you go to a place and get a bad feeling about it.

When you find someone who aligns with your vibrations, it can be truly magical. You both find an ability to connect on a deep level and be completely yourselves. ​

It Could Depend On You Date Of Birth

Highlighted calendar in yellow

Esyee Janssens / Unsplash

Esyee Janssens / Unsplash

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