Are You Absolutely Sure Someone Doesn’t Want You Dead?

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Consider this your warning that the following story is not for the faint of hearts. It’s the true chilling story of a woman who thought she had finally had found love, and married a man she met on a dating app. She was even seemingly happy with him for over a decade having no idea that just like his past wife, he ultimately wanted her dead. With popular television shows like You on Netflix, we’ve normalized creepy partners who harm in the name of love.

People are good at hiding their true colors, so when you look around at your loved ones, are you absolutely sure that no one wants you dead?

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Let’s Go Back To The First Marriage

Harold Henthorn and wife Toni

​Harold Henthorn met his first wife, Lynn Rishell, in college. Those close to her say that she had a kind personality and it was shown in her work a social worker.  Lynn and Harold were married for 12 years before she died, keep in mind this magic number.

Not only is the number of years of their marriage interesting to note, but so are the circumstances of the tragedy that ended her life.