Are You Absolutely Sure Someone Doesn’t Want You Dead?

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Consider this your warning that the following story is not for the faint of hearts. It’s the true chilling story of a woman who thought she had finally had found love, and married a man she met on a dating app. She was even seemingly happy with him for over a decade having no idea that just like his past wife, he ultimately wanted her dead. With popular television shows like You on Netflix, we’ve normalized creepy partners who harm in the name of love.

People are good at hiding their true colors, so when you look around at your loved ones, are you absolutely sure that no one wants you dead?

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Let’s Go Back To The First Marriage

Harold Henthorn and wife Toni

​Harold Henthorn met his first wife, Lynn Rishell, in college. Those close to her say that she had a kind personality and it was shown in her work a social worker.  Lynn and Harold were married for 12 years before she died, keep in mind this magic number.

Not only is the number of years of their marriage interesting to note, but so are the circumstances of the tragedy that ended her life.

Harold And Lynn Were On A Night Drive

On May 6, 1995, Harold and Lynn went on a nighttime drive along a highway in Colorado. They stopped to fix a flat tire.

Harold’s story goes that while changing the tire, Lynn went under the car to get a lug nut that she dropped. Conveniently at the same time, Harold happened to throw the flat tire into the trunk of the Jeep. Allegedly this caused for the car to fall off the jack, crushing Lynn under the car. Lynn then died in the hospital from what they deemed to be a tragic car accident.

Harold Got Away With It

Lynn”s family and friends noticed that Harold’s story kept changing the more that he was asked about it. Not being able to assume the worse, but they figured he was upset and grieving and left it at that.

From a legal perspective, The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office closed the case and labeled Lynn’s death an accident.

Then Harold Met His Second Wife, Toni

KCNC Television Station

KCNC Television Station

It didn’t take long after Lynn’s passing before Harold found himself ready to go back on the market. Five years later, he signed up for a Christian dating website where he met Toni and married her.

Toni was often described as an extremely smart woman by those who know her. The 38-year-old worked as an ophthalmologist while the man she thought would be the love of her life described himself as an entrepreneur. Toni was involved in her Christian community even teaching Sunday school and singing in the choir.

Toni’s Family Thought Harold Was Sketchy

​Toni’s family worried that Harold was controlling and that he could even be manipulating Toni with threats. Not only would he intercept all phone calls to the house but he made Toni move from her hometown to separate her from her family. Toni didn’t want to move but she was afraid to suffer the consequences if she said no.

Even Toni’s coworkers started to notice that Harold was inserting himself in all of Toni’s life to control her.

A Trip To Celebrate Their 12th Anniversary

​Remember how we mentioned magic number 12? You think you’d really know a person 12 years later. This couple even had a child together by then. Harold decided he wanted to surprise Toni with a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park to celebrate their anniversary. He even had his office manager help him plan it and film the surprise reveal to his wife.

Toni had no idea this hike would see her last breath. Somehow when hiking, Toni experienced a dreadful accident and fell 140 feet to her death.

An Attempt To Look Innocent

text exchange



Harold texted Toni’s brother on the scene to let him know of the accident, thinking that this would not make him look guilty. Except when investigating the so-called accident, the investigator learned of the unusual circumstances that Harold’s first wife Lynn had also died. They reopened the case and changed the cause of death to “undermined.”

Finally, two years after Toni’s fatal fall, Harold’s true intentions were uncovered and he was arrested and charged for his crimes.

Two Women Bound By The Same Fate

Lynn and Toni Henthorn were not only connected by tragedy but with their final resting spot. Harold spread both their ashes, 17 years apart, in the same spot.

In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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What Was In It For Harold?

Both Harold’s first wife and Toni had large insurance policies taken out on them by Harold Himself. If his plan had worked he would have inherited $4.7 million from Toni’s death. He even took his own daughter off the insurance policy so that all the money would go to him.

Just when you thought the story couldn’t get worse, the investigation revealed that Harold’s supposed career as a successful “entrepreneur” wasn’t even real. He hadn’t actually worked in decades and had no income…

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