20 Signs You're Not Shy – You're An Introvert

  1. You're a loyal friend, but not to too many people.
  2. You're kind of enigmatic, even among people who love you.
  3. You're a great decision maker.
  4. You have the best judge of character.
  5. You're an effective worker, seeing to work instead of talk.
  6. You express yourself better in writing.
  7. You guard your personal space like an eagle guarding her nest.
  8. Your friend group is small and tight.
  9. You don't trust anyone.
  10. You don't get bored often.
  11. You enjoy your alone time but still like to get out sometimes.
  12. You can come off as being kind of flirty.
  13. You're a slow arguer, often thinking before speaking.
  14. You're introspective.
  15. You're a deep listener.
  16. You're creative.
  17. You open your heart only to a select few.
  18. You're mindful of your surroundings.
  19. You enjoy people, but in small doses.
  20. You aren't anti-social, but you're selective about who you spend time with.

Does this sound like you?

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