Are You Living in The Past, Present Or Future? This Is The Difference

To live fully and freely means to exist in the present moment. It can be tough to move on from our past and relax about the worries of our futures. However, you are the most powerful when your mind exists in the here and now.

Living in a state of mindfulness and calmness takes work and practice, but a person healed from their past wounds will live their life to the fullest. Are you stuck in the past, anxious about your future, or have you mastered the art of living in the moment? Here’s how you’ll know:

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You Embrace Change

People who spend their days holding on to their past will resist change. Naturally, humans feel most at peace when they exist in a routine that lets them live comfortably. However, clinging on to the way things once were is a sign that you’re not living in the now.

A butterfly hanging beside a transforming cocoon.
Suzanne D. Williams / Unsplash
Suzanne D. Williams / Unsplash

Someone who has learned to live in the present moment will embrace the changes that life throws at them. If things always remain the same, there will be no room for growth or learning. To live in the now is to fully experience life!