Are You Living in The Past, Present Or Future? This Is The Difference

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To live fully and freely means to exist in the present moment. It can be tough to move on from our past and relax about the worries of our futures. However, you are the most powerful when your mind exists in the here and now.

Living in a state of mindfulness and calmness takes work and practice, but a person healed from their past wounds will live their life to the fullest. Are you stuck in the past, anxious about your future, or have you mastered the art of living in the moment? Here’s how you’ll know:

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You Embrace Change

People who spend their days holding on to their past will resist change. Naturally, humans feel most at peace when they exist in a routine that lets them live comfortably. However, clinging on to the way things once were is a sign that you’re not living in the now.

A butterfly hanging beside a transforming cocoon.
Suzanne D. Williams / Unsplash
Suzanne D. Williams / Unsplash

Someone who has learned to live in the present moment will embrace the changes that life throws at them. If things always remain the same, there will be no room for growth or learning. To live in the now is to fully experience life!

You Let Go Of Old Negativity

If you find yourself lugging around negativity from situations you’ve already outgrown, this is a good sign that you’re living in the past. When relationships, friendships, or jobs end badly, it’s common for us to carry the trauma from these situations into new experiences.

Scrabble letters spelling out
Brett Jordan / Unsplash
Brett Jordan / Unsplash

A person who has healed from the bad things they’ve lived through will learn to remain optimistic about the present moment. You are allowed to let go of your past mistakes or failures and focus on the positive moments that are in front of you.

You Accept Yourself For Who You Are

One of the most common indicators that your mind is stuck in the past is if you’re feeling shame or guilt about your former actions. It’s not unusual to blame yourself for a breakup, regret an old choice, or cringe at past behavior. However, you will bring yourself back to the present when you learn to forgive yourself.

The back of a woman who is holding her hands up forming a heart, standing in front of a sunset.
Jackson David / Unsplash
Jackson David / Unsplash

Letting go of self-hatred and beginning to accept yourself for who you are today will help you lead a happy and healthy life. You are not what happened to you, but instead are who you choose to continue to be!

You Seek Out New Opportunities

If you are someone who gets excited at the thrill of starting something new, congrats: you’ve probably mastered how to live in the now! Someone eager to begin a new job, enter a new relationship, or try a new hobby gets the confidence and drive to do so by trusting in the present moment.

A hand holding up an iPhone with the text
Dylan McLeod / Unsplash
Dylan McLeod / Unsplash

When we continue to believe that we are the same people we were in our past, it’s hard to trust our new and improved selves. Every day, you evolve as a wiser, better person. So, it’s important to give yourself credit for who you’ve now become.

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You Look Forward To Your Future

Someone that lives their life in the present moment will be excited about their future. Just as it’s essential to let go of your past, it’s also crucial that you don’t try to control your future. But, when you’re happy to be who you are right now, you’ll trust that tomorrow will be even brighter.

A sign that points one way to the past, and one way to the future, on a mountain.
Hadija Saidi / Unsplash
Hadija Saidi / Unsplash

When we’re fixated on the things or people we’ve lost in the past, it can be challenging to imagine ourselves being happy and prosperous later in life. But, a person existing in the now can see that people age over time like fine wine.

You’re Grateful For What You Already Have

You will know if someone is living in the present moment if you can tell that they’re grateful for everything they currently have. Someone bitter about their past probably has a lot of resentment built up, which will be exposed through emotions like jealousy and rage.

A woman wearing a pink furry jacket standing on a bridge, holding her hands together in prayer.
Amadeo Valar / Unsplash
Amadeo Valar / Unsplash

Living day by day will open one’s eyes to see the blessings that each new morning brings to them. Someone present knows that if you’re too busy reminiscing about the past or being anxious about the future, you’ll miss the whole ride in between!

You Fully Experience Every Moment

When we are trapped in our minds, we miss out on the small luxuries that each moment grants us. Someone who is present will experience every part of life to the very fullest.

Three women laughing together.
Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash
Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

Living in the now means tasting every flavour in our meal, getting to know people on a deeper level, finding more connection in sex, and understanding the hidden messages in our favourite books and shows. When half our brain is stuck elsewhere, we don’t get to digest the gifts in front of us for everything they have to offer.

Body Language

If someone is stuck in the past or lunging towards their future, it’s easy to tell through their body language. Whether you’re on a date or hanging out with a friend, it’s always easy to tell when someone is not fully engaged in the present moment with you.

A woman texting on an iPhone.
Miquel Parera / Unsplash
Miquel Parera / Unsplash

When an individual is constantly checking their phone, scrolling through social media, or daydreaming into the abyss, it’s obvious that their mind is somewhere else. If you catch yourself acting this way, your spirit guides are challenging you to pay attention to what is in front of you right now!

You’re Not Alone

You’re not alone if you feel like you’re having a hard time mentally moving forward from your past. Many people experience difficulty living presently because life throws us stressors and curve balls daily.

An open book laying beside a crystal ball lamp.
Dollar Gill / Unsplash
Dollar Gill / Unsplash

Spiritual practices can help us clear our minds and hearts from worries and grudges. Meditation, journaling, and exercise can help shake our brains and bodies from the negative energy that keeps us in the dark.

Your Future Is Bright!

It’s human nature to miss the good things in life that we’ve outgrown. We will all experience moments where we need a nudge from the universe back into the present moment. Feeling regretful or nostalgic is a part of human life, but it’s important to heal from our pasts so we can live an even greater future. Trust us. It’s got a lot in store!

A woman blowing the petals off of a dandelion weed.
Nine Koepfer / Unsplash
Nine Koepfer / Unsplash

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