Are You On The Right Path? Reveal Your Fate With This Simple Method

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Some of the greatest tools we have at our disposal are ones that help us explore the deeper parts of ourselves. There are plenty of ways to achieve this with no one-size-fits-all method. Some people get there through journaling, therapy, mediation, art, or any other means of self-expression. Some turn to tools of divination, such as astrology.

All of those practices help us become more in tune with our core being, aiding us in recognizing our talents and what we can do with them. There’s another that provides great insight into our subconscious selves, one that’s been set since the day we were born.

Knowing Our Place

The zodiac is perhaps one of the most common forms of what could be considered ‘divination’. To divine is to use an outside force to predict the future, which is largely what a horoscope is.

Someone calculating their astrology star chart.
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However, the zodiac is flexible and comprehensive, as the signs present in our charts can not only help us chart our course for the day ahead, but they can actually be used to map out our entire lives if read by a professional.

However, there’s another form of divination that can help you understand your life’s path, and you can calculate it all from home.

Tarot Cards

That’s right! Every person’s birthday correlates to a set pair (or trio, in one instance) of birth cards. From 1-21, birth cards use almost every card in the major arcana to assign someone their life’s true path, advising them of the major themes that will pass and goals they should strive for should they want to live out their life’s purpose.

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The only missing card is The Fool, represented by 0. Not only is it numerically impossible, but we also all start our life as The Fool, forging onward without knowing what lies ahead.

Learning what your birth cards are is incredibly simple, all it takes is the date of your birth and a bit of simple math.

The Numbers

Let’s use the birthday of June 27th, 1973 as an example.

Someone about to read another person's tarot cards.
Pexels / Anete Lusina
Pexels / Anete Lusina

First, you break your birthday into four groups of two digits each. The above birthday would become 06, 27, 19, and 73. Then, you add these all together. 06 + 27 + 19 + 73 = 125.

You then reduce that number down to an even smaller number. Because our result is three digits, we use the first two as their own number. So 125 becomes 12 + 5 = 17, representing your first card.

Add that number to get your second, 1 + 7 = 8. If your first number reduces to a single digit, you will have to find the card that matches the one you got, as birth cards come in set pairs. (The exception is if your sum equals 19, which will actually give you three cards).

The 17th and 8th cards respectively are The Star and Strength. These would be your birth cards!

1 + 10, The Magician + The Wheel

Let’s now explore the meanings of these pairs, starting with the first birth card and its pair, The Magician and The Wheel.

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Pexels / Craig Adderley
Pexels / Craig Adderley

The Magician is known to be a master of his craft. He’s spent years and years researching, practicing, and applying his knowledge until he came to know it inside and out. The Wheel of Fortune is more of a symbolic card, reminding us all about the inevitable march of time and the ever-changing nature of our world.

Together, they mean that you’re someone who moves with the changing of the seasons, you flow in natural harmony with the world and feel your place among its systems deeply. You either already have or will come to harness the latent power within you, and use that power like a helpful wanderer as you drift through this life of yours.

2 + 11, The High Priestess + Justice

Justice and The High Priestess both deal with very opposite ends of the human experience. Justice is all about righteous action in the physical realm, making sure you obtain what you’re owed and no evil befalls you without punishment, while The High Priestess concerns herself with deep intuition, the world of dreams and empathy.

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Pexels / Taha Samet Arslan
Pexels / Taha Samet Arslan

Together, they’re a forced to be reckoned with. You’re someone with deep conviction and very strong insights. You don’t get lost in the ‘what if’s, nor do you stray too far into fanciful wishing. You’re objective, quick, and love to help others seek what they’re after.

3 + 12, The Empress + The Hanged Man

The Empress is a loving card, one that deals with emotional structure and loving care. The Hanged Man has to do with sacrifices, facing what one must give up in order to move forward. He chooses to put himself in his awkward position knowing it’s for the best.

Someone holding a red neon light in the shape of a heart to their chest.
Pexels / designecologist
Pexels / designecologist

With The Empress’ love at his side, he can be more sure of himself, knowing that though it may be tough or it may hurt, the current actions are needed in order for things to move forward. Your movement through life will be gentle and slow, but confident.

4 + 13, The Emperor + Death

Death is a card that many people tend to be spooked by when they first spot it, but it’s actually rather lovely! Death means accepting the inevitability of change, and can often be read as the ‘death’ of a chapter or of your life so that a new one may begin. One door closes and another one opens.

A greyscale image of rows of skulls atop one another.
Pexels / fh
Pexels / fh

Paired with The Emperor means you take these changes rather well. The Emperor is a role of stability, structure, and authority. You’re iron-willed and good at taking control of any situation that’s starting to veer off its path. As for your path, you will serve as the rock many people need to anchor themselves too when facing troubled waters.

5 + 14, The Hierophant + Temperance

The Hierophant and Temperance are both calm, cool, collected cards. The Hierophant is a teaching role while Temperance is all about peace in tough times. The two together form the role of a guide, a counselor, or an instructor of sorts.

Two people kayaking across some peaceful water.
Pexels / Quang Nguyen
Pexels / Quang Nguyen

This doesn’t mean you’re destined to become a teacher, but it could very well point you being an unexpected mentor in the lives of many. Your knowledge is your strength, and your gentleness allows others to trust you easily. This is a power you must cherish.

6 + 15, The Lovers + The Devil

These two cards seem at odds at a first glance, but both deal with passionate emotions and succumbing to vices. That’s not to say that’s what will happen to you, especially since The Lovers is there to balance out the pulls one might feel from The Devil.

Two people kissing behind an umbrella in a field, standing below a rainbow.
Pexels / Jennifer Murray
Pexels / Jennifer Murray

The two working in tandem means you see beauty in all things. You’re not one to shy away from the darker parts of life as that’s simply what they are, parts of life, and you welcome all those parts with open arms. You feel great love in your heart that permeates outwards, affecting those around you and helping them learn how to balance passion with limitations.

7 + 16, The Chariot + The Tower

The Tower is often considered one of the ‘scarier’ cards of the Major Arcana as it has to deal with sudden, massive changes in one’s life, often forged from the embers of some sort of tragedy. Having it as one of your birth cards isn’t a sentence to misery or anything though! In fact, pairing it with The Chariot means you’re someone who can take change in stride.

Sparks flying up from a campfire.
Pexels / pixabay
Pexels / pixabay

The Chariot is about balance, so you know well that even in the face of great upheaval, things will eventually be calm and comfortable once again. Your presence is a calming one to those around you, and you provide much-needed reason and stability for those facing chaos.

8 + 17, Strength + The Star

Strength and The Star are two very beautiful cards, with Strength being about unrelenting perseverance against all odds, and The Star being about hope.

A starry sky.
Pexels / Shay Wood
Pexels / Shay Wood

With these two as your birth cards, it’s possible that you’ll face hardships, but you will always come out stronger and wiser on the other side. Whatever storm you weather or darkness befalls you, you will always see a way out, and hold onto your convictions until you break through. Your optimism is inspirational, as is your ability to see good in the world no matter what happens.

9 + 18, The Hermit + The Moon

This card duo is very dark in a literal, color sense. The Moon only shines during the dark of night, and The Hermit is well known for locking himself away in seclusion. Together, though, they set you on a path of uncovering truth and finding light in that darkness.

The moon in the sky, tree branches framing it in the foreground.
Pexels / Martin Schneider
Pexels / Martin Schneider

The Moon concerns itself with that which is hidden from our waking minds. Dreams, illusions, lies, and trickery. The Hermit, meanwhile, is a patient figure whose main goal is wisdom. Putting the two together, you’ll clearly see that your path is that of revealing truths and strengthening your perception.

1 + 10 + 19, The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, + The Sun

So you got the only trio in the birth card lineup, lucky you! Of course, this is very similar to the 1 + 10 matchups of The Magician and The Wheel on their own, but with the added power of The Sun.

The sun rising above a mountain range.
Pexels / Artem Meletov
Pexels / Artem Meletov

While your path is still very much about aligning yourself with nature and changing with the wind, learning to develop your inner power to carry you through the highs and lows of nature’s cycles, The Sun will also be there to provide a sense of joy and enlightenment. The Sun is that which reveals all secrets and allows us to open our eyes fully, meaning you’ll be able to fully enjoy your journey with zero guilt.

2 + 20, The High Priestess + Judgement

With Judgement and The High Priestess, you’ll find that your life contains many themes surrounding the breaking of barriers. You excel at diverging from systems built to suppress you, forging your own righteous path forward, as driven by Judgement.

A woman show from below, mostly in shadow, holding a light in her hand.
Pexels / gelatin
Pexels / gelatin

The High Priestess will help with your intuition, warning you when things are right and advising you when it’s time to break free from the shackles that have come to bind you. Your journey will involve learning to trust your instincts and building up the courage to go against the grain in all areas of life.

3 + 21, The Empress + The World

If your birth cards are The Empress and The World, that means your path is very much about self-actualization. In accordance with The World, you will have to do a ton of self-reflection and introspection, learning about every facet about yourself, even the ones that scare you, so you can properly feel at home in this life.

A globe in dramatic lighting.
Pexels / Pixabay
Pexels / Pixabay

You won’t be alone though! The Empress’ presence assures that you will be guided by the hand of love alone the way. Love to and from yourself and others, love all around. This element of love will be what drives you forward, your compassion will be unmatched, and you will grow to be unbelievably wise because of it.

Your Natural Talents

And there you have it, every potential birth card matchup and what it means for you.

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Canva Pro

Tarot cards contain a lot of wisdom. Even if you’re not one to subscribe to the idea that they can predict the future, they hold a lot of valuable, practical advice within them, and represent all aspects of life.

your birth cards are there as a constant for you to refer back to when you feel lost. If you’re losing sight of who you are amidst the chaos and years that pass us by too fast, look back and remember your core strengths. By playing into them and using them to help others, you can find fulfillment wherever you go, and that’s what life is truly all about.

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