Are You With The Right Person At The Wrong Time? It Depends On These Signs

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Everyone’s got that one person that marked them but for whatever reason, they didn’t end up together. Maybe you didn’t have the gut to ask them out and they started dating someone else, or one of you had to move away. Or maybe you’re with them right now but the relationship is harder than it should be and makes you wonder if the timing is just wrong. Usually these missed connections are of no fault of anyone. Call it the “one that got away” or “wrong time, right person” but there’s always a factor that makes it feel like a missed opportunity and turns it into a moment of regret.

Usually we console ourselves by convincing ourselves that it probably wasn’t meant to be anyway. But what if there were signs to tell the difference between the wrong person or just the wrong time? Here’s how to tell so that you can live a life without regret.

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The Meaning Of “Right Person, Wrong Time”

man and woman stand back to back by wall

Henri Pham / Unsplash

Henri Pham / Unsplash

What makes the right person? Well, it’s a combination of two things. First, they have to match up your standards, value, level of attraction. Upon meeting someone you think is right for you, you feel an undeniable spark and pull towards them. But that’s just one-half of the equation. The second half requires for the both of you to be in a place in life where you can be in a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

This has nothing to do with your feelings and values but is usually circumstantial. You both have to be headed in the same life direction, around the same life stage so that you can keep up with one another and respect each other’s needs. When that second part is missing, commitment becomes almost impossible and the person you undeniably are compatible with becomes “the right person” at “the wrong time.”