Aries and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Trust, Friendship & More

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The Aries and Pisces signs come from completely different worlds. Ever since their childhoods, they’ve found themselves pulled by opposite interests. Pisces has always been fascinated by art and creativity and didn’t mind making smaller groups of friends to stay focused. Aries on the other hand was the life of the party and on every sports team. Rarely did they ever cross in the same circles. Despite working differently as adults, their differences can attract them to each other.

Aries possesses fiery Mars energy which is electrifying to usually gentle Pisces. Aries are so outgoing that they get Pisces out of their comfort zone. Pisces, ruled by Neptune is living in their own world, with their head in the clouds. However, as a mutable sign, they’re able to go with the flow and potentially ride Aries’ waves.

Many people don’t know this but these two zodiac signs actually have a lot more in common than you might think.

This Aries and Pisces compatibility breakdown will tell you what you need to know about this fire and water sign’s relationship potential.

Aries Traits

Aries love to live in the spotlight. They don’t shy away from attention and run the show with their bold character. Aries will stop at nothing to get everything that they want. They know exactly all the right places to be and the right things to say to the right people to make the perfect impression. They’re not afraid to put themselves out there and take risks that bring them closer to their desires outcomes.

woman-holding-fireflies by building
Matheus Bertelli / Pexels
Matheus Bertelli / Pexels

Despite being associated with the head as their symbol, Aries doesn’t like to sped too long think of long term worst case scenarios and is quick on their feet when making decisions. they’re known to dive head first into all parts of their lives. This makes them seem exciting and ignites their passion whenever embarking on a new opportunity or relatioship.

Aries puts effort where they think they will benefit If a relationship makes them happy, they’re willing to confront conflict to get past it. However their passion sometimes makes it harder to handle problems calmly.The sign is ruled by Mars, the dynamic red planet named after the Roman god of war. Despite equipping them with courage, it also gives them a temper. They can get caught up in the heat of the moment.

Aries may be quick on their feet and even impulsive but they also have a natural inherited wisdom. Usually their gut instinct is right and will acting without think can get them in trouble, it also helps them push boundaries, take risks and live a lively and passionate life.

Pisces Traits

Pisces are born between 20th February – 20th March and are ruled by both mysterious and psychic Neptune as well as lucky Jupiter, the planet of abundance. The combination of this ruling produced a sign that is equally secretive and joyful as they are worldly and soulful. Pisces have such a deep sense of wisdom and empathy that they come off as old souls. However, having two ruling planets also creates conflicting dualities. As much as they can be driven and active, there are days when they just want to lay in bed all day under the covers. They feel emotions on all sides of the spectrum, and they feel them deeply.

Marlon Schmeiski / Pexels
Marlon Schmeiski / Pexels

On one hand, their emotions make Pisces empathetic. They’re the personal therapist appointed by their friend group because they’re able to listen without judgment. They related to human emotion and feed off the energy of those around them. They’ll cry and laugh alongside you. As a water sign, both joy ad sadness can drive them to tears.

Pisces are very closely aligned with nature. They feel most grounded while walking in a forest, or on a beach where they channel the earth’s energy into their being. This gives them a spiritual and mystical air that feeds their wisdom. However, when it comes to love, Pisces often let logic go out of the window. They love the idea of love and long for commitment. They’re not good at hiding how they feel and risk idealizing partners.

Pisces are loyal beings. They’re ambitious but they’re okay going with the flow if their plan doesn’t go accordingly. They’re a mutable sign who often takes on the lifestyle of who they’re with and mirrors some of the behaviors of their partners.

Pisces is naturally creative and is drawn towards the arts, whether theatre, music or other. They have a hard time seeing the world in black and white and sometimes get caught up in their own fantasies. Despite being highly intuitive and empathetic, they’re pleasure seekers who crave some sort of escapism. This risks making them get into relationships for the wrong reasons.

Aries and Pisces Communication

Aries and Pisces struggle in making communication work in their relationship. Their biggest struggle is in finding a way to balance their very different communication styles, otherwise, the relationship will feel one-sided towards Aries. “Pisces is very giving and intuitive, and will hang on Aries’ every word and help them in many different ways,” explains Stina Garbis, professional astrologer to Bustle.

Katerina Holmes: / Pexels
Katerina Holmes: / Pexels

While Aries appreciate how understood they feel by Pisces, they tend to take advantage of it without reciprocating. Pisces is always there to listen to Aries’ tantrums and calm them down. However, when Pisces also tries to vent, Aries thinks of them as needy. Aries express their feelings very explicitly but their brutal honesty easily hurts sensitive Pisces. Even when they mean well, Pisces may get caught in their tone or specific words they used and shut down. This creates a lot of tension because it makes Aries feel like they’re walking on eggshells. Aries is constantly wishing Pisces would take things less personally while Pisces wishes that Aries would watch their tone and be more sensitive towards their feelings.

However, both of these signs are willing to work through their issues in the name of love. Arriana Fox, astrologer explains. “Each has such varied interests that they can teach each other many new outlooks and new ideologies,” she says. If Pisces can use their creative imagination to think of solutions, and if Aries can channel their fiery passion into resolving conflict, they will be able to make their relationship a comfortable fairytale.

Aries and Pisces Intimate Compatibility

When it comes to intimate compatibility, Aries and Pisces complement each other well as they bring different elements to the table. Water sign Pisces brings depth and romance to the bedroom while Fiery Aries brings passion and intensity. When these elements are combined they blend well and brings them closer together.

SHVETS production / Pexels
SHVETS production / Pexels

Pisces is able to get Aries outside of their body and create a mind and body-connection that intensifies their relationship. On the other hand, Aries, arouses Pisces enough to step outside of their comfort zone and unleash their wild and adventurous side. Together they mix pleasure with romance and create a deep meaning to intimacy. They experiment often which not only keeps the relationship spicy but also bonds them.

The key to making their intimate relationship last is by finding a balance between their needs so that both emotional and physical satisfaction is achieved. It can take time for them to get there and they might not even act on their physical desires right away but this gives them the time to make adjustments and find their flow. Pisces actually prefers to take things slow while Aries’s excitable nature wraps them up in relationships that they later realize aren’t actually serving their needs. Slow and steady will therefore win the race for this sign pairing.

Aries and Pisces Trust

Trust is another issue between these two signs. Aries love attention and they look for it outside of their relationships. They’re natural flirts who use their charisma to make connections and feed their extroverted nature. They don’t seek out cheating but they blur the boundaries with their friendly personalities which makes it hard for already emotional Pisces to feel secure. However, when sensitive Pisces tries to express why Aries’ actions make them secure, Aries gets frustrated and feel like they’re being repressed.

Cottonbro / Pexels
Cottonbro / Pexels

It’s not as easy for Pisces to put themselves out there so they have a hard time understanding why Aries needs to. It’s not that Pisces lacks self-esteem as they’re actually quite confident beings. It’s that Pisces prefers to keep their circle small and only open up to people that pass their checklist. They protect themselves so that they don’t get hurt or lied to. Aries finds that Pisces’ walls are actually limiting and a sign of weakness so they have a hard time giving them the kind of trust that they need.

Aries and Pisces Personality Traits

Aries dives headfirst into everything they do, including their relationships. Once they’re into someone, they go all out. They’re either all in or all out, so you can pretty much assess how they feel about you based on how much effort they put in. According to Narayana Montúfar, a senior astrologer at, Aries and Pisces can bring out the best in each other to make the relationship feel alive, however, they’re also both caught up in their own being that they don’t give the relationship proper attention: “At times, Aries can be a little selfish and overly self-reliant, so their partner may feel sidelined,” she explains.

people-wearing-sneakers hanging over bridge
Dương Nhân / Pexels
Dương Nhân / Pexels

The problem with both of these signs is that when they fall for someone, they fall hard. However Pisces is especially unrealistic when it comes to their expectations. They tend to idealize love and relationships and try to mold their partner into something they’re not. “Pisces wears rose-colored glasses in romance, so the sign may not have a clear idea of [their] partner or relationship,” adds Montúfar.

That’s not to say that their energy is incomparable. It’s actually their unique personalities that can make them a good match. Aries is free-spirited and bring out Pisces’ inner child, helping them open up and release the anxieties brought on by their intense emotions. Pisces will also help Aries connect more with their feelings and think about what they want out of life. If they can create that balance, they create a relationship full of both adventure ad vulnerability.

Luckily both of these signs rely on their intuition and will be able to follow it to sense what parts of the relationships are lacking and need special attention.

Aries and Pisces Emotional Compatibility

Pisces and Aries are both emotional signs, but the way they express those emotions is different. While both get overwhelmed by their own emotions, Aries is a fire sign driven by passion, and a temper, and Pisces is a sensitive sign guided by empathy ad deep feelings. The risk with that is that they can clash. Pisces has the power to distinguish Aries’ fire to reintroduce calmness. However, to do so, they have to be able to be the bigger person and put their emotions aside for a minute. If both of the signs react on their emotions in the moment, they will clash.

Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels
Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels

Aries approaches conflict with guns blazing. They can sometimes say things that they don’t mean in the heat of the moment. Pisces is scared of conflict and shuts down when they’re upset. They look for ways to escape their emotions rather than confront them. Because of their tendencies, it can take a long time to resolve simple issues. However, taking that space is what both of these signs need to calm down and get out of their heads.

To increase their emotional compatibility, both of these signs need to work on developing awareness and mindfulness individually so that they can learn how to control their emotions while being aware of each other’s needs when they come back together. Often this means that they have to make sure they’re in a good place in their own growth before dating.

Aries and Pisces Dating Compatibility

Both Aries and Pisces are known to dive headfirst into relationships. They get caught up in the excitement of love. This is both good and bad. It’s good because it allows them to be vulnerable with one another and go beneath the surface quickly. They quickly learn about each other’s needs. However, it’s also bad because both signs tend to overlook the red flags that eventually come back to haunt them once the honeymoon phase is over. They’ll avoid issues around their communication and lifestyle preferences until they blow up in their face. The sooner they’re able to address their core issues, the higher the odds of the relationship last.

woman-hugging-her-husband from the bathtub while he reads
Vlada Karpovich / Pexels
Vlada Karpovich / Pexels

Pisces is the romantic one who loves to express their love to Aries. They often will sacrifice their own happiness to make sure their Aries partner is happy. While Aries is a generous sign, they’re not as thoughtful and emotional as Aries and can make the relationship feel unequal. Aries also don’t pay attention to the impact of their words and can leave Pisces feeling desired and unsee.

Over time Ares will think of Pisces as needy and a downer and Pisces will think of Aries as emotionless and pushy. To save the relationship from becoming hostile, this couple will need to open the door to an open and honest relationship and try to acknowledge their differing needs.

Aries and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

On a friendship level, this duo may seem like they have nothing in common. Think of Aries as the all-star popular athlete ad of Pisces as the artsy sensitive kid. However, they have a lot to learn from each other and make life exciting when they come together. Aries tends to take the lead in this friendship and takes indecisive Pisces by the hand through unexpected adventures.

women-hugging-each-other with eyes closed
Anna Shvets / Pexels
Anna Shvets / Pexels

Pisces goes to Aries when they need tough love and help to make a decision. Aries goes to Pisces because they know they will find a safe space where they can speak without judgment. Aries will help Pisces get out of their head and participate in spontaneous activities that make their life more fulfilling.

Pisces may sometimes feel intimated by Aries’s social network but their soothing and stable demeanor helps them fit into all situations that Aries brings them into. Thanks to Aries, Pisces will experience new places and meet new people.

According to Michelle Welch and Ashlie Daniel, astrologers with SoulTopia: “Aries will be able to push Pisces out of their comfort zone socially and broaden their perspective, while Pisces in return will be able to soften this fire sign and help keep Aries from becoming impulsive and harsh,” they explain. “Aries directness with Pisces’s intuitive understanding forms a dynamic unstoppable team.”

The only risk with this friendship is that assertive Aries will push Pisces further into their people-pleasing tendencies and take the lead to the point where Pisces feels like they have no say. The success of the friendship is dependent n patience and open communication.

Potential Problems In Aries and Pisces Relationship

On top of communication and lifestyle differences, one of the biggest problem areas in this relationship is Aries’ selfishness and Pisces’ selflessness. We talked about how Pisces are romantics who often overlook red flags and idealize relationships. Their romanticism makes the put Aries’ needs before their own and creates unbalanced relationship dynamics. Aries have no problem taking more than they give, ad rarely even notice. They’re an assertive sign who likes to have their way. Over time Pisces can lose themselves and get wrapped up in their sad emotions. They lack the capacity to demand for their needs be met and don’t draw necessary boundaries. Their people-pleasing tendencies make it hard for them to confront Aries.

ouple-hugging-and-using-smartphone-near-sea-on-sunset facing away from each other

Aries may eventually get frustrated and even bored with the relationship. They want to be challenged and they don’t like avoiding conflict. They prefer yelling and fighting to ignoring the problem altogether. Pisces can’t handle their honesty and harshness, and miss their point.

The problems between these are based on their personalities so it can feel like they have to change their entire beings to be together. Aries is all about living in the moment and while Pisces is good about going with the flow, they take a lower pace to life. High-energy Aries may eventually feel like they’re being held back. At that point, Pisces will be too emotional to fight for the relationship and tap out the relationship too by shutting down.

Pros and Cons Of Aries and Pisces Compatibility

Pros of the Aries Pisces relationship:

Lamont Thompson / Pexels
Lamont Thompson / Pexels

Both of these signs are intuitive, passionate, and love to be loved. They bring passion and intensity to the relationship and are able to access deeper layers quickly. They complement each other well when they’re able to find balance with Aries making the relationship exciting with adventure ad risk and Pisces bringing vulnerability ad safety. Pisces takes care of Ares’ emotional needs while Aries makes Pisces feel alive.

Cons of the Aries Pisces relationship:

There is too much of a difference between these signs’ communication styles and needs. They express emotions differently and feel misunderstood by each other. Aries are open and assertive and they don’t like to sugarcoat. They easily hurt Pisces’ feelings. Pisces drives Aries mad with their sensitivity and their avoidance of conflict. This adds on to their trust issues created by Aries’ extroverted and flirty nature in contrast with Pisces’ reserved personality.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

What Are The Most Compatible Signs For Aries?

Aries is most compatible with itself. While fire tends to add to fire, in this case, the sparks are what make the relationship work. This connection is full of life. Put two Aries together, and they live a life full of adventure. Their dynamic is balanced, and they take turns taking the lead and surprising one another with new ways of truly feeling alive and fulfilled. Their connection is deep, exciting, and passionate.

What Are The Most Compatible Signs For Pisces?

Pisces is most compatible with the Water sign trio (Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer) as they all understand each other on a deep emotional level. They share an intuitive superpower that gives them an almost psychic ability to read each other like a book. They harness their empathy to listen and support each other. Pisces with another water sign, creates a deep and emotional connection centered around romance. Together these signs are devoted and loyal to the very end.

Are Aries and Pisces A Good Match?

Aries may be a better match for the short term than the long term because of how different they are. At first, the relationship will seem fun and exciting. They will initially make a good match based on their intrigue for adventure, emotional depth, and intuition. However, the longer they're together, the more they will experience incompatibility when it comes to their needs and expressions.

Are Aries and Pisces Soulmates?

Aries and Pisces Soulmates are rare but not impossible. Trust and communication can be what makes or breaks this relationship. The sooner this couple can work out how to fulfill each other's needs and accept each other fully despite Aries' hard-headed temper and Pisces' avoidant emotional tendencies, the better the odds they have of a fulfilling and everlasting relationship. Aries and Pisces may not be stereotypical soulmates, but over time they can build a soulmate connection, it just requires more effort.

Should Aries and Pisces Marry?

Marriage may be the end goal of a dating relationship, but for Aries ad Pisces it is just the beginning of a life of learning together. This couple should take their time and not rush into marriage. Pisces may want marriage before they're actually ready because they're romantics. However, it's important that these two take the time to work through their issues first. Otherwise, they will simply mask them and persist through their marriage. Once they find balance and common ground between fire and water, they'll be able to build a dream life on the foundation of their deep and genuine feelings.

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