8 Signs That Show You Have A Toxic Person In Your Life

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Let’s think about the word “toxic” for a moment. Something that is toxic is never a good thing. There are labels on toxic substances that warn us to stay away.

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Coming into contact with toxic substances can make you sick and could even kill you. It’s no different with toxic people.

Because we all live, work and play out in society, there is no way to avoid running into or meeting toxic people. But, there are some surefire warning signs that you can look out for.

Below are 8 signs that show someone may be a toxic person.

woman in pink looking frustrated hands raised at man with head down across table

1. Drama, drama everywhere

Toxic people are always involved in some kind of drama. Whether it is a crisis or conflict, it is always something.

Toxic people thrive on drama and are usually the instigators of the situation. Despite this, they always play the victim.