“As Someone Who Had Pretty Privilege And Is Now Fat” A Bartender’s Journey To Self Love

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Do some people get treated differently based on the way that they look? Do pretty people get treated better? What do we even consider to be “pretty”? These are questions that we might not have affirmative answers to but can base our answers on others’ experiences.

For instance, take a look at Cassidy’s story, a 28-year-old bartender who once experienced “pretty privilege.” Then, everything changed when she gained weight.

What Is ‘Pretty Privilege?

pretty woman sits against yellow wall

Atikh Bana / Unsplash

Atikh Bana / Unsplash

“Pretty Privilege” is the idea that the people we deem as attractive, either relatively or per society’s beauty standards, have an easier life than those who are not attractive. For example, they’re able to get away with more or are straight-up-handed opportunities.

In fact, attractive people are seen as more intelligent. “Pretty” people tend to be more popular, have better grades, more positive reviews at work, and even greater chances of advancing their careers.