3 Simple Ingredients Will Help You Fall Asleep In MINUTES

Insomnia is one of the cruelest reasons for a person to not be able to go to sleep or get any rest to recharge their batteries for the next day. Not getting enough sleep has a variety of issues that are associated with lack of sleep.

However, there is now a solution to insomnia; this simple natural three ingredient recipe that you can make yourself!

The properties of this recipe entail enough potency for someone to be able to fall asleep, stay asleep, and finally get some well deserved rest.

If you have any friends or family that suffer from having insomnia, then you may want to make some of this for them to see if it helps their sleep.

Whenever someone has the misfortune of having insomnia, they may often find themselves having some of these negative symptoms:

Decrease in their immune system functionality, leads to drug abuse or become addicted, same with alcohol abuse and or addiction, various psychological disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, and can even lead to suicide in some cases.

Insomnia is not a fun thing for anyone that has to deal with it, whether you're the person that has it or you have someone in your life that has it.

With this amazing recipe, there is no need for anyone to deal with any of these harsh symptoms of not getting the rest they need.


-10 Drops of Roman chamomile oil

-10 Drops of lavender oil

-4 OZ of magnesium oil

The best way to concoct this formula is by combining all of the listed essentials into a dark colored glass spray bottle.

The reason as to why the glass needs to be dark is so that the essential oils will keep their potency since exposure to sunlight causes them to deteriorate.

Be sure to shake the bottle before applying the mixture to the bottoms of your feet. Just spray before you get into bed which will let you fall asleep within minutes of use.

You're body will begin to relax and all of your stress will soon evaporate allowing you a very restful night of peaceful sleep.

The combination of these essential oils will relax all of your muscles, soothing any tension that resides deep within your body. You will notice how easy it is to slip into slumber with just one try of this application.

Again, it's important to keep in mind all of the negative side-effects that can happen with a great lack of sleep in your life. Some of the previously listed symptoms can tie into a lot of other stresses that can make your life seemingly difficult.

The more you are able to finally let your body shut down for just a little while lets it regain all of the necessary strength to take on what might happen tomorrow. Do not allow yourself to fall to insomnia, you will beat this restlessness.

If you are concerned for anyone that you may know of that has insomnia, direct them towards this page so that they can learn how to create this easy DIY sleep application.

All of these ingredients are natural and can be found at local health food stores anywhere. The same can be said about the glass spray bottles, a majority of health food stores have them in stock for these kinds of things.

There are also a variety of other methods that you can try to getting a good nights rest, do not limit yourself to this one thing. Hopefully this was useful for you and achieving a good nights sleep.

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