Astrologers Say Wednesday Particularly Stands Out In This Week’s Horoscope, Here’s What To Know

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Weekly Horoscopes October 10th – 16th, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV.

This week begins with an artistic, creative vibe as Mercury moves into Libra on Monday. Balanced thinking becomes easier here, too, and we will be better able to see multiple sides of any argument.

A challenging Mars-Neptune square on Wednesday saps energy and pours cold water over dreams, fantasies, and illusions. This midweek period may feel downbeat, with disillusionment for many of us.

However, the energies pick back up again towards the end of the week. Friday’s trine between Venus and Saturn is empowering and positive. This later stage of the week is an excellent time to make a commitment in love or to make progress with financial projects.

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Mercury moves into the love zone of your natal birth chart on Monday – it’s a beautiful time for sharing sweet nothings with your lover and wearing your heart on your sleeve. Don’t be shy about sharing your emotions; it will bring you closer together.

Saturn as seen from the Cassini–Huygens space-research mission
NASA / Unsplash
NASA / Unsplash

Don’t worry too much if you don’t get the response you expect from other people midweek. Your ruling planet Mars forms a difficult, energy-sapping square with Neptune that sows confusion in your communications. People may not know quite what you mean, so clarify as much as possible.

Friday’s an intense day for romance, with both Venus and Saturn providing support for your love life. It’s an excellent day for making a romantic commitment!


Mercury changes signs on Monday and puts you in a very business-like frame of mind. This is excellent energy for powering through your to-do list and simply getting things done.

Your dreams and goals may feel shaky midweek, however. That’s due to a difficult aspect between Mars and Neptune, clouding your judgment or even making you feel like you should give up. Don’t rush into any drastic decisions because this depressive influence will soon give way.

Friday is a much brighter day, with real progress possible in your working life now. Both Venus and Saturn provide support as you showcase your skills and aim to get ahead.


Your ruling planet Mercury changes signs and moves into the joy zone of your natal birth chart – so it’s pretty clear that talking, chatting, and debating ideas will bring you a lot of pleasure this week. Even more so than usual!

However, you may experience a mini crisis of confidence midweek as Mars and Neptune conspire to dent your self-worth. If you feel out of your depth, don’t panic. This is a temporary influence. You’ve got this.

Look to Friday for a more uplifting vibe as Venus and Saturn support journeys, vacations, or short trips. If you’re heading somewhere new, love could be waiting in the wings for your arrival.


The week begins on a family-focused note, with Mercury changing signs and heading into this area of your chart. This is a very nostalgic vibe, too – perfect for a walk down memory lane. Get out old photos or videos and revisit your childhood.

Mars and Neptune create a somewhat gloomy atmosphere midweek, and you may discover that something from your past resurfaces – almost as if a problem that was solved long ago has come back to taunt or haunt you. Stay strong, and don’t worry.

By Friday, the vibe has switched once more, and everything will feel more positive. With help from Venus and Saturn, this is a perfect time to heal family feuds or lingering resentments with relatives. Offer forgiveness and the hand of friendship.

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You’re at your brightest and best early in the week, with Mercury inspiring great ideas and boosting your communication skills. If you want people to back or follow you, you have the charisma to bring others on board.

However, something is not quite right with a friendship in the middle of the week. On Wednesday, especially, it may feel as though a friend is hiding something from you. Deception, secrets, and jealousy are in the air.

Fortunately, this troubling vibe does not last long, and by Friday, you will feel much more positive. Venus and Saturn join forces to boost your love life heading into the weekend – take this opportunity to write a love letter expressing your depth of feeling.


If you’ve been hoping to find new income streams or better ways to boost your bank balance, your ruling planet Mercury has great news on Monday. As this clever planet leaves Virgo, it arrives in the money zone of your natal birth chart – and a world of opportunities appears.

Woman standing on water under moonlight
Cocoparisienne / Pixabay Via Canva Pro
Cocoparisienne / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

Look out for unease in your relationship midweek, however, most likely caused by problems in your work-life balance. Mars and Neptune create a very passive-aggressive atmosphere, but fortunately, this is a short-lived influence.

Venus and Saturn lift the mood on Friday, teaming up to back your money-making efforts and material ambitions. Now is the time to think big – and take a giant leap of faith.

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On Monday, Mercury moves into Libra – expect to feel your mind getting sharper, with concentration and focus becoming much more manageable. This is a brilliant time for amazing, off-the-wall ideas that will surprise you – there’s a nugget of genius in you right now, so don’t worry if you feel ahead of your time!

Check travel details very carefully midweek, as Mars and Neptune are creating confusion and chaos, especially on Wednesday. If you must travel for work, have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

Friday is a joyful day, with your ruling planet Venus teaming up with Saturn to boost your love life. Whether you’re dating or already in love, it’s time to have some fun with your partner. Get your love life out of a rut.


Getting strange dreams? Mercury moves into the psychic zone of your natal birth chart on Monday, so those weird dreams and corner-of-the-eye sightings could actually hold important messages for you. Keep an open mind, even if you don’t usually believe in this kind of thing.

In love, the middle of the week needs careful handling. Mars, your ancient ruling planet, squares up to deceitful Neptune, highlighting jealousy, insecurities, infidelity, or emotional manipulation. Try not to leap to conclusions; your suspicions are probably not justified.

The emotional intensity eases on Friday when a healing trine between Venus and Saturn soothes your mind. If you’re still troubled, turn to your family for support – their embrace will make everything OK.


Get set for a sociable week, especially on Monday when Mercury changes signs and moves into your friendship zone. This is an excellent time for meeting new friends, networking, or joining new hobby groups. You’ll want to talk, chat and express yourself fully.

The feel-good factor may fade slightly midweek, however. Difficult contact between Mars and Neptune may create confusion or ill-feeling in your home life or between your partner and your blood family. Try not to worry too much about this, as it’s only a passing influence.

By Friday, you will feel more sociable and upbeat again. With Venus and Saturn supporting your social life, you may even find love right under your nose if you’re single. It’s certainly worth expanding your social circle as much as you can.

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Set your sights high because intelligent Mercury is moving into the career zone of your natal birth chart on Monday. This enables you to strategize, plan and position yourself for advancement. Make yourself indispensable – you will be noticed.

Look after your health midweek, however. With Mars and Neptune sapping energy, you may be overdoing it. Try to get plenty of sleep, or at least don’t burn the candle at both ends. You can’t perform at your best if you’re exhausted.

Venus and your ruling planet, Saturn, team up on Friday to point you toward success once more – and this should involve a boost to your finances, too, so it looks like your hard work is paying off.


Ethics and morals preoccupy you at the start of the week, especially when Mercury changes signs on Monday. Be sure that you’re living up to your principles. If you’re talking the talk but not walking the walk, you may be found out.

Be careful with money issues in the middle of the week. Mars and Neptune are at odds on Wednesday, which could lead to impulsive spending. Don’t play fast and loose with your hard-earned cash.

Your yearning for adventure surfaces on Friday when Venus and Saturn create a trine aspect. You’re being encouraged to stretch your wings here through travel or new experiences. If that rocks the boat… so be it.


Mercury changes signs on Monday, bringing up issues of life, death, and everything in between. This influence may also bring up trauma from your past or ask you to confront some very painful feelings – but this will be to your benefit in the long term.

One such difficult issue also comes up midweek, when Mars squares up to Neptune, your ruling planet. Identity is a key theme here, as is family – so if your family struggles to accept who you are, there could be tears or anger around that problem.

Keep your head held high, however, because Venus and Saturn ride to the rescue on Friday with a very healing trine. You may need to be the bigger person and the first to forgive, but healing is possible if you’re willing to embrace it.

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