Astrology Can Explain Why Your Ex Is the Worst, Based On Their Sign

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We’ve all had an ex who just couldn’t stand the idea of not being together anymore, so they made our lives unbearable. They knew exactly how to push our buttons and they went for it. It turns out we can pretty much predict how bad an ex will be based on the characteristics of their zodiac signs. Here are some of the worst ones. See where your ex falls or whether you match the description yourself!

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Capricorn: Commitment Issues

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Milan Popovic / Unsplash

Milan Popovic / Unsplash

Although this zodiac sign demands the utmost loyalty and devotion and wants to know where you’re at five minutes after you walked out the door, they can’t give you the same. They project their own insecurities unto you and take more than they can give. They treat you like you’re their life partner but can’t actually say the words.

It can be really confusing to always wonder why you’re not enough for them. The thing is the problem is in their ability to trust and let go and usually they can’t see what they’re missing out on until it’s gone. They keep trying to check if the grass is greener on the other side only to keep walking alone until they’re out of energy.