Astrology Says These 5 Zodiac Signs Are The Best Kissers, According To Their Body Language

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Everybody remembers their first kiss. The night that we lock lips with someone we’ve been crushing on for the first time feels like proof that magic is real. A kiss is a sort of positive confirmation: someone saying, “I like you,” “I choose you,” or “I think you’re pretty” in a foreign language that our bodies understand so instinctively.

Kissing is a primal instinct that all species are drawn to. While this act of love and adoration is something everyone participates in, some people are just naturally better kissers than others.

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What Makes A Good Kisser?

A kiss is worth a thousand words. Kissing can say many things, from romantic partners or one-night-stands, our mouths can communicate intensely without even speaking. While many things make a good kisser, like confidence and practice, astrology plays a big part in how we use and read body language.

Two mouths and tongues in a kiss.
Mia Harvey / Unsplash
Mia Harvey / Unsplash

Astrologers have determined that some signs are naturally more sensual, flirtatious, and alluring than the rest. According to the placement of the stars, these five zodiac signs make the best kissers.