Astrology Says These 5 Zodiac Signs Are The Best Kissers, According To Their Body Language

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Everybody remembers their first kiss. The night that we lock lips with someone we’ve been crushing on for the first time feels like proof that magic is real. A kiss is a sort of positive confirmation: someone saying, “I like you,” “I choose you,” or “I think you’re pretty” in a foreign language that our bodies understand so instinctively.

Kissing is a primal instinct that all species are drawn to. While this act of love and adoration is something everyone participates in, some people are just naturally better kissers than others.

Do you want to learn a secret technique anyone can master that will make someone fall in love with you?

What Makes A Good Kisser?

A kiss is worth a thousand words. Kissing can say many things, from romantic partners or one-night-stands, our mouths can communicate intensely without even speaking. While many things make a good kisser, like confidence and practice, astrology plays a big part in how we use and read body language.

Two mouths and tongues in a kiss.
Mia Harvey / Unsplash
Mia Harvey / Unsplash

Astrologers have determined that some signs are naturally more sensual, flirtatious, and alluring than the rest. According to the placement of the stars, these five zodiac signs make the best kissers.

Passionate Aries

When it comes to passion, Aries is the zodiac sign you’re searching for. Ruled by Mars, this sign’s intensity and sexual expression are unmatchable. An Aries always goes after what they want, so if they’re kissing you, they mean business!

A man and woman sitting in front of string lights, kissing.
Jonathan Borba / Unsplash
Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

Aries are known for their confidence and self-assurance, and when it comes to intimacy: confidence is the spark that sets off the fireworks. They are the fieriest of the zodiacs, so when you kiss an Aries, be prepared to feel the heat!

Free-Spirited Sagittarius

The free-spirited Sagittarius knows how to release their inhibitions, making them playful and thrilling kissers. This zodiac sign loves a good time, known to be the most outgoing and adventurous party animal.

A woman pulling a man in from his shirt, kissing him over a game of pool.
Niki Sanders / Unsplash
Niki Sanders / Unsplash

A Sagittarius has no problem letting lose because they don’t take life too seriously. Kissing is all fun and games for this star sign, and they’re not afraid to show you their inner freak. The extroverted Sagittarius loves the thrill of taking risks, so when they kiss you, they’ll pull out all of their best tricks. If you’re craving a steamy, spur-of-the-moment make-out, a Sagittarius is the way to go.

Bold Scorpio

They say the quiet ones are secretly the wildest, which is why Scorpios make the best kissers. This mysterious and secretive zodiac probably won’t make the first move, but if you’re crushing on a Scorpio, putting in the work is worth the reward.

A young man and woman kissing, the girl holding his face in her hands.
Cassie Lopez / Unsplash
Cassie Lopez / Unsplash

Scorpios are bold, passionate lovers. If a Scorpio feels your flirtatious vibe, their intense eye contact will get the butterflies in you’re stomach fluttering. If you want to kiss this Zodiac, know they hold nothing back. The sky is the limit, and a Scorpio will want to touch every part of your body: holding your hands, biting your ears, leaving you begging for more.

Experienced Gemini

Being ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini’s are known to be big explorers. These social butterflies love to meet new people and experiment with new things, making them some of the best kissers due to their experience.

A guy and girl kissing.
Hendo Wang / Unsplash
Hendo Wang / Unsplash

Geminis are flirtatious and witty, making the conversation leading up to the kiss intensify the excitement. Their charm and charisma make a Gemini irresistible, and they know how to use their mouths to do more than just talk. A kiss from a Gemini is spontaneous and sexy, leaving a mark on your body that you’ll never forget.

Dreamy Pisces

Astrology explains that Pisces is the zodiac with the biggest and purest hearts, and they’re not afraid to prove it with their actions. The Pisces are all about romance and desire, so they aim to please when they show physical love to their partners.

A guy and girl kissing outside in front of buildings.
Kevin Laminto / Unsplash
Kevin Laminto / Unsplash

Pisces believes in fairy-tale, dream-like romances, making their kisses feel magical. Kissing a Pisces will feel like having an out-of-body experience, becoming one with your partner. This sign lives and breathes to make the person they love feel good, so when you lock lips with a Pisces, you’ll feel like your bodies were made for one another.

Pucker Up

The way the stars were aligned the moment we entered the earth significantly impacted our life and our fate. However, it also has a significant effect on our relationships and sexuality.

Two parrots sitting on a wooden stick, kissing.
Jonah Pettrich / Unsplash
Jonah Pettrich / Unsplash

Astrology states that these five Zodiac signs know how to use their bodies to lure people in and keep them coming back for more. If you’ve got your eyes set on an Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Gemini, or Pisces … the universe has a great kiss in store for you. Pucker up!


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