At Only 13, She’s Already The Youngest Black Student Ever To Be Accepted Into US Medical School, But That’s Not All

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What separates a successful person from the average person? Is it good luck or simply hard work? It can be easy to feel envious or jealous of people who’ve accomplished our dreams, but perhaps these feeling should inspire us to chase after everything we’ve been dying for.

Most people walk through life believing that their ambitions are out of reach when in reality, the only thing holding us back from them is ourselves. The story of this young woman will motivate you to go after that thing you’ve been wishing on. After all, at 13, she’s already been accepted at med school. Here’s her story and how she’s making history.

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Meet Alena Analeigh Wicker

Alena Analeigh Wicker would appear to be like every other pre-teen girl from the outside: having fun, hanging out with friends, and learning the life lessons that all young people learn while growing up. However, unlike most 13-year-olds, this teenager has found within herself a superpower that has been manifesting all of her dreams to come true.

A pre-teen posing while sitting on a pile of books.
Keith Major / EBONY
Keith Major / EBONY

To a stranger, it would appear that Alena keeps getting lucky. However, she explains: “I’m still a normal 13-year-old … I just have extremely good time management skills and I’m very disciplined.”

An Offer To Medical School

On June 30th, Alena accepted an offer to medical school, becoming the youngest person of color to achieve this level of success at such a young age. Being ten years younger than the average age for first-year medical students, Alena has inspired and surprised her family, friends, and 18,000 Instagram followers.

A small girl crossing her arms, wearing a white lab coat.
D. Lacy Photography/CNN
D. Lacy Photography/CNN

Alena is living proof that age is just a number and that time and society’s expectations of us are not the path we are obligated to follow. “You’re not too young to do anything. I feel like I have proven to myself that I can do anything that I put my heart and mind to.”

Scholarships And Dual Degrees

Alena will enroll at the University of Alabama in 2024. She was granted the Burroughs Wellcome Scholars Early Assurance Program, which guarantees her access to the program as a top priority.

A young girl wearing scrubs and looking into a microscope.
Alena Analeigh / Instagram
Alena Analeigh / Instagram

For now, she is certainly wasting no time. She’s currently studying biology at both Arizona State University and Oakwood University, working towards two degrees after graduating high school at the ripe age of 12. “I love school, I love learning, I love reading … The high school work was so easy for me that I ended up graduating from high school at 12 years old.”

A Young Entrepreneur

Research shows that within the industry of science and engineering, only 28% of workers are women, and just 5% are women of color. Even as a pre-teen, Alena wants to change this statistic, inspiring her to become an entrepreneur, and starting an initiative known as the “Brown STEM Girl.”

Two girls of color wearing grey sweaters that say
via The Washington Post
via The Washington Post

“We’re showing the world that there are other girls out there that are just like me, and they deserve an opportunity and a chance,” there are over 2,000 girls involved in Alena’s program, which is fully funded by private donors.

Interning At NASA

Alena found a mentor in Clayton Turner, a director for NASA. At 12, she landed an internship at the worldwide famous astronomy organization, where she contributed to the research on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge, Calif.

AleAlena Analeigh Wicker with a NAS director at her graduation ceremony.
via The Washington Post
via The Washington Post

While Turner describes her as “one of those exceptional intellects,” he went on to acknowledge that her heart is even larger and more impressive than her brain. While Alena has continued to flip flop between career goals from NASA researcher to medicine, the one thing each dream has in common is that she wants to help people in need.

Gifted Since Birth

This teenager demonstrates that fitting in with the crowd is not always the best possible outcome, but instead that our individuality is our superpower. Her mother explained that Alena appeared to be different from her peers since she was a toddler, noticing that she was gifted.

Alena standing beside a friend at school, holding up peace signs.
via The Washington Post
via The Washington Post

“There was a little boy that bullied me, and he would tease me and call me ‘smarty pants.” While Alena’s short road to success has not always been a smooth and easy one, she is an example that good luck is simply hard work that always pays off, “it’s been a long journey, but it’s all gonna pay off in the end.”

Beating All Odds

The combination of this scholars young age, her identity as a woman, and her ethnicity, Alena states that statistics show that she’s beat all odds. “I would say to any little girl out there that’s reading this: Never give up on you, never let someone tell you that you can’t do something.”

Alena and a woman in a blue shirt standing next to each other wearing face masks.
Alena Analeigh / Instagram
Alena Analeigh / Instagram

Apart from her goals and ambitions to break boundaries in the science world, Alena has her heart set on becoming a role model for women everywhere. “I really want to leave my mark on the world … lead a group of girls that know what they can do.”

Life Is What You Make It

Most people move through life feeling the weight of the pressure to fit within the box that society tells them to. While there are always going to be people around us that try to bring us down, stories like Alena’s shed light on the fact that life is what we make of it.

A neon blue sign reading
Millo Lin / Unsplash
Millo Lin / Unsplash

No matter what limitations your circumstances set you up for, you have the power to accomplish anything you hope and dream for. So, go for it! Just like Alena, you never know how far you can get when you shoot for the stars.

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