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Life isn’t always carefree and fun. It can be stressful and tough, it can even begin to feel so draining and difficult that a person just can’t handle the weight of it all on their shoulders.

Things go wrong, people disappoint us, and bad things happen. Sometimes it’s as though everything that can go wrong is doing so all at once.

When you feel like you’ve been put through the wringer and you’re all out of patience, it’s incredibly important not to give into the temptation to turn bitter and angry.

Hard as it may be, you’ve got to try and focus on the lighter side of things, and don’t let go of your optimism.

Bitterness is an ugly thing, and it only ends up hurting us and the people we love in the end. It benefits no one and adds even more unpleasantness to a world already burdened with plenty of negativity and challenges.

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Below are 5 major habits of the bitter and jaded, and tips for avoiding falling in to the cycle yourself.

1. Clinging to grudges.

Carrying personal injuries with you in life gets heavy. It casts a shadow of negativity over all of your thoughts and feelings, and can directly impede your ability to progress or improve.

When you refuse to let go of a grudge, you aren’t getting any kind of revenge on the person you’re angry with, you’re only hurting yourself.

It’s perfectly fine not to forget something that’s happened, this is how we learn lessons and form our worldview, but letting go of the toxic anger you feel is critical to your self-growth.